About Us


Dog pointing at youActually this site isn’t “about us” – it is about YOU!

At this time we would like to remain private rather than shouting all about who we are and our backgrounds. We are not gurus, we are not law of attraction teachers – none of the “teachers / authors” we feature on this site are involved in the site itself.

We are just law of attraction super fans!

We are a small team of people who had an idea to start this website to:

  1. Share our experience, knowledge and passion for manifestation and the mind and show you how to do it…
  2. Build an actual “Library” online – specifically of law of attraction information; listing all authors and books (and summarizing their content and lessons so you can get a heads up if it is for you or not) as well as categorizing our site in both a simple way, yet offering a deep amount of information about manifesting in all key areas and all methods – we are your ultimate resource!

So we are just normal people, we learnt on our own journeys about the law of attraction, and since implementing LoA techniques such as wishlists and vision boards, visualization, goal setting and actively taking action towards our goals then our lives started to transform – we became happier, more in control, and simply put we started creating the type of life we really wanted to live. For one of us this was world travel, another making it in the world of writing, another setting up successful business and leaving the 9-5 behind.

Generally speaking we found that the law of attraction really worked, that we could set goals, practice manifestation steps, and take action to realize our goals.

Collectively we started speaking and found we shared a passion for wanting to share this information; our own experiences and manifestation practices.. but to make it bigger, to make a HUGE resource… the world’s largest resource for free information about the law of attraction. So today our website stands at almost 200 pages, it features an ever growing encyclopedia of law of attraction authors, as well as a library of law of attraction books, as well as core categories on many different law of attraction tools, exercises and practices.

What we won’t ever really do is to slam a method and say it doesn’t work.. the whole point of this site is that nothing works the same for everyone, it is all about trying new things, experimenting, finding what works for YOU and building your own way of creating and manifesting.

So WELCOME to our website, welcome to our world – a world where abundant manifestation and real life creation is truly possible – we are super honored to share your manifestation journey!