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You’ve all watched The Secret, right? Remember when Jack Canfield said that the Key to living the Law of Attraction is “(…)your vibrational states that attract the objects of your desire”?

That means that focusing on what you want and staying in the right emotional state is how you send out the right vibes to unleash the power of LoA. The right emotional state, of course, is the feeling of being happy, relaxed and fulfilled – only when feeling good are you sending out the vibe that will get you what you do desire, instead of delivering something completely else.

But we’re humans, and it’s quite impossible to feel good all the time, right? Something happens and we get all nervous and stressed out, someone says or does something that annoys us… What we can normally do in situations like these is to quickly go back to our peaceful place (meditation is a great way to get back the inner peace and calm), and it also works.

But there’s another way to always send out the positive vibes. Always – even when we sleep.

Drum roll – you probably didn’t know about this one.

Program the Crystals to Do It Instead of You!

Crystals are beautiful  – but in addition to that, they also have some metaphysical qualities. You have probably heard of their healing power, but that’s not the most exciting of their qualities. Crystals can store information for you and serve as a focal point for your intentions.

A crystal crystal has memory effect and it vibrates at its own unique frequency – and you can program it to send out your request to the Universe 24/7!

Basically, instead of you engaging the law of attraction personally, you delegate it to your crystal.

It it still you who is “placing the order”, the crystal is only there to help you – and to accelerate the process. Because crystals have the energy level that is, according to a Taiwanese text on crystals, between 1000 to 10,000 times stronger than that from human’s thoughts!

Just imagine how much you can speed up the manifestation process using crystals. And the most beautiful part of it is that you completely eliminate self-sabotage, as you only program the crystal once, while “in the zone” and your best vibe gets stored and hundreds times amplified.

Like that? 🙂 Yeah, we were excited when we heard about it as well, that’s why we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

So here’s how you can unleash the power of crystals – it’s pretty simple.

Programming a Crystal

Yes, you program it, like a computer chip!

You need a quartz crystal, or a few of them (you should program each crystal with one intention or goal). Crystal quartz is the manifestation of light and clarity in the material realm – it is the perfect stone to lift you up into a more positive inner state, calm your mind, and help you focus on what is important to you.

Crystal Cleansing

A crystal picks up different kinds of vibrations, so you first have to purify it to remove any old vibrations and to make it clean and empty for your own purposes.

To do this you can soak the crystal in sea salt for a day, rinse it with running water or do a proper cleansing ritual through meditation:

  • Sit with your crystal in your hand and let your mind go quiet, breathing in and out
  • Hold your other hand over the crystal and feel the energy field between your hands.
  • Exhale sharply and visualize blowing the old energy traces out of it.

Crystal Charging

Charging is needed to restore the energy of the crystal – just place it under sun or onto clear quartz cluster.

Crystal Programming

Now focus on what you want. Create a sharp picture in your mind of your goal and your intention. Hold the crystal in both hands and focus intently on your vision, experience what you wanted in your mind’s eye. Feel the strong emotions of success and fulfillment associated with your goal.

Then see this image slowly disappearing into the crystal and make a declaration of your intention to strengthen your programming.

See it, feel it and let it go.

And when you go to bed at night, when you’re emotionally down – instead of attracting the things you don’t want, you’ll have the crystal that will be sending out just the right vibes in your behalf.

What do you think? Share this article with your friends if you like it, it can help them to speed up their manifesting as well!

And let us know in the comments what is the first thing you’ll manifest using crystals 🙂

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