Key Principles of the Law of Attraction: Action


The third principle of the law of attraction is the most important one, and it is the point where, sadly, most people fail.

If you have read the first two articles in the series about the core principles of manifesting – about the importance of knowledge and focus, you already have an idea on what is your part in attracting the things you want in your life: you have to learn about the LoA itself in order to use it properly..

.. However, understanding how manifestation works is the easy part for most people, and once they discover it, they get all hyped about it, making plans and thinking: “oh, I’ll do it right away, I’ll change this, I’ll attract that…” – but they don’t act – mentally they may make an effort, but physically they do nothing.

The law of attraction isn’t just wishful thinking, you do need to actively pursue your goals in real life – so our 3rd key principle required for success is to…

Take Action!

There is no easy way to success and to your dream life.

Manifestation is real, but it does require you to take action towards your goals still.

It simply helps to focus your mind on your goal, give you drive like never before, make you notice opportunities, and put you into situations and positions where you can capitalize on these opportunities.

The person who sits back and expects everything to come to him might actually just be doing a lot of things right – he might be positive, focused on a goal, but without taking action he doesn’t seize the opportunity and so he doesn’t get the result.

Often what the law of attraction does is focus you on your goal so that it brings opportunities to you. It might not just mysteriously leave a red Ferrari parked on your drive one morning… but you might start seeing them everywhere… but if you don’t seize the opportunity, if you don’t go and chat to the owner then you may never find out that he would like to sell it much cheaper than normal price.

The sceptic, the negative person, they see the Ferrari driving past and they shun the law of attraction for not working – not knowing that this is manifestation in motion, and that following up these “leads” and opportunities is the difference between success and failure.

More Examples

The example above of the Ferrari is actually quite abstract and quite an extreme example of the law of attraction in motion (up there with the stories of getting mystery checks in the mail or manifesting your perfect husband right?). So let’s look at just a few examples which should be simpler to see manifestation success coming from the result of taking action.

Manifesting and Finding a Girlfriend

  • The non action taker: Uses LoA principles to wish for his dream girl – he visualizes the stunning brunette with the hour-glass body, vibrant smile, she is intelligent and social and she is friendly and interested in him. He even focuses his mind with affirmations and hypnosis tools, but he “isn’t the sort of person to approach a girl” and several beautiful brunettes walk by and dance on the dance floor as he stands by. He summarizes that the law of attraction doesn’t work.
  • The action orientated manifestor: He too puts in the mental practice, the mental side of manifesting – stating his desire, writing some affirmations, putting a beautiful girl onto his vision board.. but the key difference is that when that cute brunette walks past him in the street later that week he sees the opportunity and stops to talk to her.. the LoA brought his manifestation into reality, and all he had to do was say “hello!”

Manifesting and Landing Your Dream Job

  • The non action taker: Is bored in his job. He dreams of quitting and of working in his dream career. He reads up on his career, maybe he even went to university to study in the area.. but now he sits in his office job, unhappy. Despite all of this focus and passion for his dream career, there is a lack of action and he stays in the job he “just fell into”. “Manifesting doesn’t work” he says, “I’ve been dreaming about this for years and nothing has happened for me”.
  • The action orientated manifestor: He too has a dream career and is in a job he wishes he wasn’t. He reads about the law of attraction and puts in further effort to align his mindset to finding his dream job. He gets super motivated and starts taking action like never before – applying for jobs, networking with people already doing the type of work he wants to do, he wants it so badly that he takes a lower paid position as an intern – just to get the chance to follow his dream. The law of attraction changes his life by helping him to focus more than ever on his dreams and helping to fire him up to take massive action.

Manifesting an Exotic Lifestyle

  • The non action taker: Goes backpacking to Thailand for 2 months, and is amazed at the beauty, which is so different to his own country – the tropical jungles and the paradise beaches. Over and over he thinks about what it would be like to live there, to find work or a way to travel for longer. In the end he runs out of money and knows that he “has to get back to real life and his 9-5 job”, for him too – he thought about it but the universe didn’t bring his lifestyle to him.
  • The action orientated manifestor: Also in Thailand and dreaming of staying, the manifestor creates their own dreams into reality – they actively talk with interest to everyone they can who is doing the same – the guy who was just passing through and has been working in a bar on the beach for 4 months, the scuba diver who learnt to dive and never left, and from one conversation to another his passion is noted and he hears about an opportunity to manage a hotel guesthouse for 4 months. Simply talking to people who were doing it, taking action that others wouldn’t think possible, he immersed himself in a new way of life and manifested it for himself too.

Can you see the difference? One person only desires, wishes, or “mentally manifests”, the other does this, and uses it as inspiration to really go out and take what they want – which person will you be?

We hope we can open your eyes through this website, teach you about the LoA, and turn you into the real manifestor – the guy/girl who gets their dreams manifest into real life! 🙂

Without Action There is Nothing

Action is the critical missing factor – soooo many people watch The Secret and get excited.. but don’t take action.

The law of attraction often sounds so magical and mystical, and on one hand it is. If you follow it’s principles, and follow it up with real proactive action in everyday life then it can help you to create your dream lifestyle and really put you in control of your own life.

But this follow up is the key. You NEED to take action. Can you see that the law of attraction should really be “the law of action” – that this is the difference between seeing your manifestations come to life or wondering what you are doing wrong.

We love movies like The Secret, and websites that talk about the power of positive affirmations, but while we think that these are great tools and should be used, the real key, we believe, is in taking really focused, continuous action towards your manifestation desires.

And this is actually why we created this website. This website was setup to help to ensure that YOU don’t fall into the trap of wishing but not acting. You will see that we talk a lot about it, and the importance of seizing opportunities and taking action comes up again and again. However, we don’t only talk about “taking action” but also give a down to earth, straight forward view on the law of attraction, and offer simple advice and practical steps which you can take to increase your manifesting success.

This article is the third principle in a series of 4 key manifesting principles. The first principle is the importance of knowledge, the second is about focus, and the next one is about the power of belief.

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