Advanced Formula for Total Success


Advanced Formula for Total Success (1988) by Dr. Robert Anthony is a book that offers workable strategies for turning dreams into reality, updated and republished in 2003 under the title Beyond Positive Thinking. For many readers, this book stands out among decades of success genre because of the in depth discussion of fundamental principles and clear practical steps that it provides.


Advanced Formula for Total Success is a product of Dr. Anthony’s research in the fields of metaphysics and psychology, aiming to answer the question why things happen and fail to happen in a person’s life.

The main issue in the book is discussing why positive thinking isn’t enough, and why the practice of positive thinking alone fails to deliver the desired results. In the first chapter the author explains the difference between negative thinking, positive thinking and what he calls “right thinking”, and then he goes on to unmask the “unworkable beliefs that keep us from producing positive results”.

He explains the truth about the human person: what his power is, the source of his power and how this power is being wielded day by day even without conscious awareness, which leads the reader to a deeper understanding of the ways this knowledge can help him achieve success in whatever he wants to achieve.

He proclaims that “You are whole, complete, and your success in life will be in direct proportion to your ability to accept this truth about you”, and starting from this truth, we can understand why we fail and how we can fix that by thinking right and making right thinking the basis for right action.

Anthony also offers a range of practical instructions, including:

  • Identifying causes of failure by learning how to analyze self-talk path
  • Writing your own script to program yourself for what you want to happen
  • Imprinting the things you want to happen to your deep mind so they happen naturally
  • Using the five words/concepts – relax, recognize, realize, reason and release – to create whatever results you want to achieve

This book of 164 pages provides the principles and practices that give the reader self-confidence by enabling him to see and make use of the power within him to overcome self-sabotaging obstacles and permit himself to achieve total success.


  • Positive Thinking – Negative Thinking – Right Thinking
  • The Truth about You
  • What Are You Telling Yourself
  • Believing Is Seeing
  • Write Your Own Script
  • Program Your Mind for the Best
  • Techniques for Imprinting
  • Know How to Be Rich
  • Five Words that Create Results
  • Who or What Is Stopping You
  • Give Up Hope and Take Action
  • The Greatest Obstacle to Happiness and How You Can Overcome It

Readers Reviews

Joseph B. Murphy:

I read this book over 6 years ago and now have several copies I carry round with me to reread whenever I have the opportunity. This book, in one clear sentence “Turned my life around!” I highly recommend it to those seeking wisdom, fighting dispair, and trying to understand the nature of people and to gain insight into yourself. I am looking for the author to thank him. I was living in a one room shack, (one of several over the past years), and now have a tremendous home. I have traveled around the world, increased my income over 4 times, been promoted four times, helped my family graduate from college and launch their careers, have a beautiful wife and a new beautiful daughter.

Norbert Isles:

If there is only one book you need to read to achieve total success, Advanced Formula is the one. Or, if you plan to read more books on success, reading this book first will help you implement more effectively all other lessons you will learn from them. And if you have already read so many books on success, lessons from this book will enable you to apply more effectively what you have learned from these other success books.


I first read this book in high school when I was having a tough time in my life. I’m so glad I did. The author really gets into your head and discusses the patterns of thinking that people get into and how these patterns can either hurt or help you.

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