Align Your Thoughts and Your Emotions


What most people hear when they first get in touch with the concept of the law of attraction is something like this: “Wow, I can create anything I want just by thinking about it!” And off they go thinking about millions in their bank accounts, luxury cars, tropical islands, eternal love – and soon they’ll leave this idea, proclaiming that “that law of attraction thing, I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work”.

What they missed was the fact that the thoughts aren’t very powerful unless they’re very focused, and unless there’s a strong emotion behind them.

It wouldn’t make much sense otherwise. Think of a blue elephant. Think of the monster from Alien. Think of one million dollars. Manifest them only by thinking of them? Yeah…

Intentional manifesting needs you to focus your thoughts to what you want to attract; focusing makes you feel the emotion, and emotion is the energy juice that brings the thoughts to life.

This is simple enough to understand, and to do, actually. You have a range of tools at your disposal to make this process easier and more comfortable: from visualizing what you want to manifest, using positive affirmations to help you achieve the positive state of mind, to deeper re-programming of your subconscious in the forms of subliminal messages and hypnosis.


What’s the Catch with the Emotions?

If the thoughts are the formulation of your desire, the emotions give them context.

For example, you can say: “It’s October”. The context that decides on whether there will be a happy or a sad face behind these words could be positive (woo-hoo, my birthday is soon!) or negative (oh, winter is near, and I hate winter). You feel a different emotion in each case.

Or, say you’re repeating an affirmation, this one maybe: “I am completely satisfied with who I am.” If this affirmation is close to the way you’re actually feeling about yourself, the emotions that you’ll be experiencing while repeating it would be those of peace, calm, joy, confidence. However, if you’re struggling to make yourself believe that, if your subconscious keeps whispering: “That’s not quite true now, is it?”, you’ll be much closer to feeling sadness, discomfort, disappointment and other negative things.

To translate this into manifesting language: in both cases, you’ll be attracting more things to prove you right. Only, the things you’ll be attracting in the first case will make you feel even better about yourself – and in the second, you’ll be attracting the things and situations that will bring more things to despise about yourself.

When your thoughts trigger a negative emotion, you will either manifest the negation of what you’d like to have, to do or to be (if you continue with that thought and that feeling), or you’ll stop the process of attraction.

Imagine that you want to manifest one billion dollars. What emotion does that thought evoke in you? Can you feel complete joy and gratitude for having that kind of money, or are you afraid that you wouldn’t quite know how to keep your wealth?

If you visualize your brand new Mercedes, see you driving it, feeling your fingers wrapped around the wheel, feel the speed – in your visualization, do you keep driving, imagining the highway and the scenery around you, or is there a drunk driver coming from the opposite direction and hitting you?

Or you start thinking: “Oh, but what if I get laid off tomorrow and can’t afford to pay for it anymore?”

Thoughts like these put you out of alignment with your intention, sending a mixed message to the universe about what it is that you actually desire.

As Steve Pavlina said:

What kind of energy do you bring to your intentions?  Do you speak of them like you’re talking about a piece of burnt toast?  Or are you so juiced that you’re just dripping with enthusiasm?

Remember: the key is to create an alignment of your thoughts and emotions. If you really want something, it has to inspire a strong positive feeling inside you, and that feeling needs to last, without distractions. Most often it’s your unconscious negative beliefs that keep bringing up the negative emotion, so work your way through releasing them.

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