Nov 052013

If you can attract anything you want to you, and if you want to attract a specific person with his or her own idea of what they want – how do you think the Law of Attraction will, or should, work in that case? The question gets additionally complicated if the person we want to attract is already with someone else, so we then have another person who wants the same thing as we.

Have you ever wondered if the Law of Attraction will work in these cases?

Perhaps the most comprehensive answer came from Abraham.

What Abraham-Hicks Say about This

Abraham say that it’s possible to attract a specific person, just like anything else. It’s good news, but…

Even if that person is single (nobody else already “has” him), the problem most often has got to do with how much you believe about being able to attract him or her. People often think that this one and only person is the prize, so there’s only one prize – which means that you limit your options, deliberately.

The more specific you are on a topic, usually the more resistance you have. In most cases, when someone wants to attract a specific person, there’s usually a very strong desire but also very strong resistance because they’re too fixated on physical reality where they’re not with that person right now.

This then brings out the situation where you’re more concerned about getting that person than about aligning with “Vortex”.

Instead, you should broaden your options and act from Vortex (the alignment between your non-physical self and your physical self – the link between you and you). Then you can analyze why you’re attracted to this specific person, and then, when you know which characteristics of this person appeal to you, you can understand that there’s probably more than just this one man or woman that  would be your match.

When you understand that there’s more than one “prize”, you will broaden your perspective and open yourself up for the new experiences that you’ve been blocking out because of your fixation to this one person; and when you broaden your perspective, your resistance will diminish. Abraham recommend that you say to yourself things like:

“You appeal to me in all of these ways, and I am going to draw the essence of you to me. I will use my visualization of you to align my Energy, and then I will trust that Law of Attraction will bring me an exact replica of (the essence of) that which I believe you are.”

The Why Factor

In other words, to stop limiting yourself, focus on the essence of what you want – and you start that by asking Why? Why am I attracted to this person? What’s so irresistible about him? Abraham often say that we only want something because we believe it will make us feel better in some way, so it’s not the person, but the feeling that we’re after.

Here’s the recording of Esther Hicks – Abraham answering to this question in more detail:

But focusing on the essence doesn’t mean that you have to settle for “second best”, or that you should give up on the person you want. It only means that you should know exactly why you want that person. If you try to manifest with the wrong reasons in mind, it will mess up your vibration and prevent you from ever getting what you want.

In short – you can, everyone can attract the person we want as long as we want them for the right reasons – as long as we know that this person would be good for our soul, not just for our ego.

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