Nov 302013

The real secret to the Law of Attraction can be summed up in this one word: gratitude.

As many people don’t quite understand what it means (we often hear questions like: “how am I supposed to feel grateful now when what I want is in the future?”, “I’m in debt / alone / unhappy…, what should I feel grateful for?” and similar), we have decided to give a better perspective on the concept of gratitude.

Gratitude Is… Well, Everything

What do you feel grateful for? Think about it for a moment – in your head, compose a quick list of things you appreciate in your life: your family, your job, your friends, your pet…

Now let’s see what all of these people and things have in common:

  1. They make you feel good
  2. You know you have them in your life
  3. They have a real value for you

In manifesting, that’s how you should feel about anything that you want to attract:

  • you need to have a firm belief that it’s on its way, that you practically already have it. Try to think about it like this: the fact that you have set things in motion means that what you want is already yours, dedicated to you. Just as if your boss has mailed you a check – you have that money, it’s yours and it’ll be in your hands any day now.
  • you need to show appreciation for your manifestation, you need to make it count if you want the universe to take you seriously (not that it thinks you’re joking – the universe doesn’t think; but your vibration needs to be strong and loud in order for you to manifest your desire).
  • you need to feel good about the thing you’re about to receive, you should be ecstatic about it. Not having an emotion attached to your desire, just like having a negative emotion, will block you from manifesting simply because you won’t be able to lift your vibration without it (and your manifestation could completely miss the point if your emotion is negative).

Gratitude is the way to achieve all this without much hustle: this feeling of great appreciation for having something that makes you feel really good is a kind of a 3 in 1 solution 🙂

Make Feeling Good Your Priority!

Like attracts like, right?

Feeling good about life in general then attracts more things to feel good about; the more of these things you have, the more gratitude for them you will feel; the more you feel grateful, the happier you’ll be… and it goes on like that, the snowball of good life.

So start feeling good right now! Feeling good is a choice you can make, not something you should wait to happen. You can decide that you feel good now – if you don’t think so, then understand that you only believe that you can’t – and you’re the one who chooses what you’ll believe.

A rainy day could be a great day if you decide that it is; losing job can be the best thing that ever happened to you, if you choose to see it as an opportunity.

Start counting your blessings, and start feeling good and grateful for all the wonderful things ahead of you! You may not know what they are right now, but be sure to notice them when they happen.

Don’t let your life and the opportunities pass you by – make each and every moment of your life count!

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