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Brennan SmithBrennan Smith is one of the most respected hypnotherapists in the world, and the creator of the Natural Hypnosis web-site which houses over 130 hypnosis programs in all areas of developing human potential – with a particular shine for law of attraction hypnosis sessions.

It is this focus which earns him a place in our “authors” hall of fame – his passion for and dedication to creating hypnotherapy audio sessions for manifesting, positive mindset, and abundant lifestyle design, as well as his authorship of the book, The Art of Inspired Action.


Brennan Smith was born in 1973 in San Diego, CA. His father is a surgeon, his mother is a nurse, and his older brother went on to become a nurse, so it was no surprise that he got his bachelor’s degree in neurophysiology with an eye toward medical school.

But it was hypnosis that caught Smith’s eye, and instead of choosing medicine after college he focused exclusively on understanding ways he could apply his knowledge of science and the brain to helping people activate the natural power of their brains, such that they automatically begin to create their own health and happiness.

Brennan’s hypnosis training was done at the renowned Hypnosis Motivation Institute in LA, where he went on to become a faculty member while building his private practice.  Having moved out of Los Angeles, he is now a faculty member at the most comprehensive and challenging on-line hypnosis college in the world, the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute (  Brennan’s professional hypnosis career includes 4 years spent on the Executive Board of the Hypnotherapists’ Union (AFL-CIO, Local 472), and he maintained a private practice spanning into 2 decades seeing clients in LA, Beverly Hills, and by phone from around the world.

Guided by his education as a neurophysiologist, enhanced by his study of hypnosis and NLP and body language and human behavior patterns, Brennan brought new insights into the ways we can activate the brain’s natural manifestation tools.  Through the use of hypnosis, visualization, guided imagery, and properly structured affirmations, he could activate the universal laws and motivate the mind to achieve. For that reason he setup Natural Hypnosis to reach a larger audience with his hypnotherapy (it now offers his unique hypnosis audio recordings to 100s and 1000s of people all around the world) and his law of attraction hypnosis audio programs have been effective and popular around the world.

Still a passionate innovator in the field of human potential, Brennan now lives in Virginia with his wife and family, and is the Executive Board Chair of Jack Canfield’s Association of Transformational Leaders.  His current work in the world is balanced between his hypnosis recordings and activities at Natural Hypnosis,  his writing on the subject of Inspired Leadership for the Huffington Post, and his workshops, books, and leadership consulting work (via the Inspired Action Network, a company he founded in 2012).

Teachings and Philosophy

Affirmation + Action – a central theme in Brennan’s hypnosis and writings has been the need for both Vision (what Napoleon Hill calls a person’s “definite, central purpose backed by a burning desire”) and Action (which creates the channel that allows the Vision to be made manifest).  He is often quoted as saying, “Affirmation without action is Delusion. Action without affirmation is frustration. Affirmation + Action = Effortless Manifestation.”

Gratitude as the basis for Living – another theme that is strong in Brennan’s books and hypnosis recordings is the necessity of gratitude, as a foundation for living.  He consistently calls on readers and listeners to discover what they are grateful for about the way things are, before he activates their brain’s natural change mechanisms (toward attracting relationships, or enhancing self-esteem, or achieving a goal).

Language is a predictor of Behavior – firmly entrenched in Brennan’s hypnosis is a deep study of the use of language to create a new way of being, and new opportunities for action. There are two linguistic schools that play into his choices, one being Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the other being Ontology.

Dynamics of Human Change – in his early years as a hypnotist, Brennan was mentored by Marc Gravelle, a fellow faculty member at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.  Marc was a student of the dynamics of human change, and gave a gift to Brennan by passing this along, so that Brennan could teach it to thousands of clients around the world. The theory holds that every change a human being makes happens in a predictable pattern that can be used to make sure the change becomes permanent, as long as the individual going through the change is aware of the pattern and where they are in the sequence at any given time.

Laughing as a learning tool – many people have commented, after attending Brennan’s workshops or reading his book, that they find it surprising at first that a therapist and author would so consistently say silly things, or tell jokes about the “problem” that the client or reader is having.  Brennan clearly believes that laughter can move people into a state of possibility, because he constantly uses humor in his work. Once readers or retreat attendees find themselves laughing at their situation, a new conversation is possible, and change happens.


Brennan is the creator of around 130 hypnosis audio programs which are available through his Natural Hypnosis website. The main method he uses throughout these programs is the activation of the Law of Inspired Action (one of the primary laws of the Universe, according to Law of Attraction theory).

Here we have highlighted just a selection of his products which are focused around developing a manifestation mindset:

  • Manifestation Success
  • Law of Attraction
  • Attract Money
  • Attract Success
  • Attract Your Soul Mate
  • Attract Luck
  • Attract Health
  • Attract Opportunities
  • Improve Visualization
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Think Big
  • Millionaire Mindset
  • Think and Grow Rich
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