Day 5 – Share!


Hi everyone and welcome to the day 5 of our 7-dayย Gratitude Challenge!

Past two days were probably a bit more “challenging” – your tasks being to appreciate your adversariesย and to transform ungrateful into grateful thoughts, requiring more introspection and conscious effort to change the way you normally think. So today is light ๐Ÿ™‚

Today your only task is to share something you’re grateful for with someone else!

And we don’t mean that you should share your appreciation for someone with them, like you did in the Day 1 taskย – well, of course you should, you should do that as often as you can. But today is about something else: sharing the positivity in your life with other people.

Gratitude Equals Being Positive – and That Just Needs to Be Shared!

Think about this: in the past two days you have managed to turn the negative thoughts, people and situations into positive forces only by changing the way you perceive them.

If you continue to do that (and we hope that you will!) you could significantly reduce the amount of negativity in your life and start attracting only the positive, inspiring experiences. You can actually change your life by becoming aware of the good things in it – and you could also influence others to change theirs.

If you start sharing with others how grateful you are for the good in your life, you can start spreading your positivity to the world out there!

Being appreciative of the things and people around you is great – the more you do it, the better it gets; but sharing your gratitude with others is much more powerful – it multiplies your gratitude, and apart from helping you to spread the meaning and importance of gratitude within your own consciousness, it will also help in changing your surroundings!

Just imagine what the world around you would be like if everyone would stop looking for and reinforcing the negative feelings and experiences, and chose to see the positive side of them!

Imagine your friend not complaining anymore, your spouse enjoying life, your coworkers appreciating the opportunity to prove themselves instead of complaining about the amount of work they have…

OK, you can’t change all of that at once – but you can do what you can, right? Share your gratitude with them, show them that it’s possible to be positive no matter what. Thanks to learning about your positive experiences, people could overcome their own struggles and learn how to handle them, making the world a better place for them – and for you, as you’ll get to enjoy their success.

So share the positivity, inspire others! Help to spread more love ๐Ÿ™‚

Your Task for Today

Take a look at your journal and pick one thing you were grateful for in the past few days to share it with someone.

It could be something as big as a business idea, or as small as a recipe you’ve discovered, a new cafe, a book, music… You could share your newly discovered appreciation for that awful coworker with the friend you used to complain to about him, perhaps the two of them could be a perfect couple?

Anything that you’re truly grateful and that you think someone else could use to improve the quality of their life – share it! Don’t keep the good stuff for yourself.

Start small, it counts as well ๐Ÿ™‚

And don’t forget your daily journaling – what are you grateful for today? Because today’s task is an easy one, today include at least 5 things to your gratitude list.

What (or who) are you going to share? Start with us, in the comments! We love great books and music as well ๐Ÿ™‚