Difference Between the Law of Attraction and Making a Wish


We create our reality with our thoughts.

It’s understandable how this simple statement, which accurately describes how the law of attraction works, can be understood as: Oh, it’s just like making a wish. Only, it’s not. And it is. Yeah… 🙂

Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Like Making a Wish

If making a wish was all it takes to get something that we want, then the world would be a much different place, and not necessarily a better place, because not all wishes are good and nice. If it was enough to say: “I wish for a red car”, then no one would have to work for anything, no one would ever need to learn anything, we would all be living happily ever after.

We have learned to make wishes as children: “Blow out all the candles on the cake, make a wish and never tell anyone, or it won’t come true.” And we have also learned not to attach any special belief that our wish will in fact come true; thus the expressions like “wishful thinking” and similar. We don’t expect much of our wishes, because they belong to the fairy tale language, and we know that the witches, blue fairies and frogs that turn into princes don’t exist. Thus, we also believe that our wishes will most probably not come true.

The law of attraction on the other hand, although very much real, requires a bit more effort on our part. When you just say: “I want that car”, you will soon forget that you said it and move on with your life. You gave no strength to your wish – and the law of attraction needs you to make your wish loud and passionate, to be very clear about how much you want it.

… And When the Law of Attraction Is Just Like Making a Wish

When you really want that car, when your thoughts are focused on getting it, when you absolutely believe that you’ll get it and when you direct your actions toward getting it – then you will get it. It takes time, and it takes effort, especially at first, but you’ll eventually reach your goal, whatever it may be.

At first, manifesting might seem difficult, or even impossible, especially if you’re starting out with big wishes. Now, as we have said many times, you should stretch beyond your current situation (otherwise you wouldn’t be moving forward), but for someone new to the concept, it’s a good idea to start small and understand that it will take practice:

All of it will take time. But it can be done – so many have succeeded, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t. After a while, when you manifest your first cup of coffee, your first date, when you attract your first money, and when you realize how naturally it comes to you – then it will be just like making a wish, and it will work for much bigger things.

We have done our best to help you get there – there’s A LOT of resources on our website (you can start with the free e-book and then work your way through the articles on the site, it’s really huge).

Besides… if the law of attraction was as simple as making a wish, we wouldn’t need to create our Library website around it, would we? 🙂 Connect with us on Facebook too: Law of Attraction Library page.

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