Jan 042014

Here’s an inspiring video for all of you who are afraid of what the others will think if you said out loud what you really want! We have different situations and things holding us back, but once we get past them we will be able to live the life to the fullest.

In the short video below Ellen DeGeneres talks about the important moments in her career and how, even when she became successful, she still felt sad and ashamed that she was gay:

I was really successful but I was really just… playing a part. And then I’d go home and I’d let a little bit of me out, you know, I had a girlfriend… But the other part of the life was just… trying to please everybody else. Cause God forbid they find out who I really am.

She says that the greatest moment that ever happened to her was when she came out – that is, when her character did so.

She came close to ruining her career with this decision, she had death threats and her show was cancelled – but she persisted, she started a new show and now she’s exactly where she wants to be.

Jack Canfield once said: Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Watch how Ellen conquered it:

So who are you? And how do you want to live your life?

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