Jul 132014

Do you have a vision board, or a few of them? If they aren’t working for you, perhaps it’s time to make some changes to them, or to create completely new ones.

Here are some tricks you can use to make your vision board more powerful.

1. Make a smaller version and have it with you all the time

Before you do anything else, make sure that a picture of you is in the center of your vision board. If it isn’t there, there won’t be a clear association between you and your goals – you need to be in there if you want it to become a part of your life!

OK, so when you’re happy with how it looks, take a snapshot and print it out small size, with your main goal written on the back. Stick this printed version in your wallet or pocket, so every time you grab your wallet or your keys you will see it. This will help to remind you of your goal and to refocus you on what you want, filling you with emotions and positive feelings that will keep you focused and raise your vibration.

2. Start with “contrast” vision board

If you’re unable to define exactly what it is that you want, as counter intuitive as it sounds it sometimes helps to think about what you don’t want. This however should be done with caution – you don’t want to spend too much time focusing on the things that raise a negative emotion in you, but you can use these feelings to define what is the exact opposite of that awful picture in the magazine (representing an average life, for example, or a man/woman that you don’t visually like), and to put that on your vision board.

3. Ask this simple question:

Instead of jumping on a pile of magazines to look for the pictures right away, try to ask yourself this first:

What would I like to hear people saying about me? What would make me proud?

What would make you proud. This approach allows you to think beyond what’s in front of you and to dream bigger.

You see, the awareness of your current life situation is probably limiting your perspective, so you’re looking to make only one or a few steps beyond your current level. For example, if you want to improve your career situation, you could have a simple promotion in mind; but when you think about it in the context of what would make you proudyou’re allowing the possibility that there’s a bigger, better job waiting for you, one that you would really enjoy and that could really bring you satisfaction.

Then just find the images that accurately represent this bigger vision, and keep reminding yourself that this is what you truly want, not some silly promotion.

4. Put it somewhere highly visible

This one is perhaps obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how many people keep their vision boards in the drawers or under their desk.

A vision board serves to create an imprint of your vision in your mind, so how do you expect it to make any impact if it’s hidden and you see it only when you’re already focused on your goal? Sure, it will enhance your vision, but only when you’re already in that state of mind.

Instead, put your vision board somewhere you will be able to see it often. Hint: your restroom where the toilet is isn’t a good place, unless you’re thinking about flushing down your dreams 😉

Do you have another tip for a more effective vision board? Please share, it will help someone else!

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