Gratitude Challenge – Let’s Practice Gratitude!


Starting RIGHT NOW we are starting a 7 day Gratitude Challenge – follow along with us, give gratitude and intention for what you are grateful for – and manifest more positive experiences and abundance into your life!

How often do you stop to think about the people and circumstances that make your life the way it is?

If you’re like most of the world, probably not often enough. We live so fast that we forget to give gratitude to others, we don’t even notice how much they mean to us because we’re too busy to notice, something else is always more important. So we sometimes live to regret the words we never said, the feelings we never stopped to recognize.

That’s why we have decided to conduct a Gratitude Challenge, for us and for you – to start cultivating the habit of gratitude and to make the world around us a better place. The more grateful we feel, the more reasons to feel grateful we’ll have, attracting to us only the good and positive things and people – so let’s start, right away!

Announcing the Gratitude Challenge!

The Gratitude Challenge is for all of us, to recognize the things we have in our life, people who make it so great, and to learn to appreciate them more than we do.

We know that the change needs to begin with us appreciating what we have, and we will do this together!

The Challenge will last for 7 days, plus the Day Zero – that is the day for preparation. It will be easy and fun, it won’t take much of your time and best of all – it’ll make you feel great. Promise!

The Day Zero contains some pre-work so that you can get the best out of the challenge. The 7 days after that one each contain some simple tasks of gratitude that you have to complete within that day.

You can see what each day is about from the title – we’ll list them all below, you can take a peek but try to keep it at that. The whole point of the Challenge is toΒ develop a habit to think about gratitude and to express it for at least 7 days, so it would be pointless to read it all at once πŸ™‚

We’ll publish each day of the Challenge on our law of attraction Facebook page, so “like” us (if you haven’t yet) to get notifications.

Have fun!

Gratitude Challenge Day by Day

Here are the daily gratitude challenges:

Day Zero – Count Your Blessings

Day 1 – Write a Gratitude Note

Day 2 – Gratitude in Your Life

Day 3 – Appreciate Your Adversaries

Day 4 – Make a Bad Thought a Good One

Day 5 – Share!

Day 6 – Be Generous

Day 7 – Give Thanks for the Bumps on the Road

Get started right now – leave a comment below with one thing you are grateful for right now.

Gratitude Challenge Roundup

UPDATE: The Gratitude Challenge is now over, but you can start your own anytime you want, it’s enough to want it πŸ™‚