Gratitude Challenge Roundup


The Gratitude Challenge for 2013 is over, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did 🙂

This is a roundup post, the things you were sharing with us, with your friends and other Challengers. We had to choose only some of them, but all of them are beautiful, you know!

So here’s what you had to say…

Day Zero – Count Your Blessings

1. I am grateful for my wonderful family who lives with me, my 88 yr od mom and wonderful husband EJ..

2. I am grateful for the universal God of unconditional love. Thank you for your gifts. I give honour.

3. I am thankful and grateful for all my life experiences, friends and enemies, loved ones, my beautiful children and my beloved wife.

4. I am grateful for every experience in my life because good or bad it has made me the person I am today.

5. I am thankful for the awesome family that I am part of.

6. I am grateful for having had the most awesome person to love me unconditionally and to have shared that love so deeply between us. He is an angel now, and I miss him.

7. I am grateful for my parents and the genuine people and family that is here in my life and who has made an mark in my life.

8. I am thankful and grateful that my spouse is very supportive of me and the goals that I have.

9. I am grateful after a total hip replacement that I am now pain free and back to an active live style. It is one of my dream come through and a huge thank you for that.

10. I am grateful for living this life of mine being able to experience the good and bad and being able to learn from it all.

Day One – Write a Gratitude Note

11. My Note: I am grateful for the wonderful weather Arizona is having for December, I am grateful to be able to cook a wonderful meal and spend that meal with my Family. I release all my love and gratitude into the Universe for I know it is truth, and so it is.

12. I love this Day 1 Gratitude Note-I felt a big load lift of me…and At the same time it gave me hope that everything will get better soon 🙂

13. Above all thanks to my heavenly creator God The Father, family n friends..

Day Two – Gratitude in Your Life

14. When I practice gratitude, it helps me appreciate All that is in my life, no matter how small! It also just makes me feel GREAT and INSPIRED.

15. I believe gratitude is important because it helps you hone in on what’s really important…..our minds are constant going with all sorts of things but practicing gratitude brings in the positive to keep you focused in a calm manner.

16. Gratitude is important as the heaven sees your hearts satisfaction on things you already have, in effect you will be more grateful when you receive your hearts true desire.

17. Gratitude makes you realise how blessed you are inspite of the little irritations you have everyday!!

18. Gratitude helps you to see the good in your life rather than focussing on what you don’t have. It makes you aware that you don’ need stuff.

Day Three – Appreciate your Adversaries

19. They say you attract more bees with honey than vinegar!! So true, but sometimes I feel like I am a hypocrite!! As I have grown, I realize that I don’t have to like anyone, but I do love everyone — I AM one with you and with My adversaries. They are learning experiences for me — those that annoy me, I need to look within and find what it is about me that annoys me!! As much as I hate to admit it, sure as sh*t it’s there. Huge part of gratitude is the surrender and acceptance!!

20. I appreciate that we are both head strong and I can learn valuable lessons from my adversaries. The reason for this is because it’s all inside me and I m free to work on me! Accept the things you cannot change and God grant me the courage to change the things I can within myself.

21. I appreciate the person strong hold to their life.

22. Every adversary teaches you something about life and yourself,, I am so grateful and happy to have learnt these vital lessons. Thank you Thank you Thank you xxx

23. Every adversary exposes me to a wide range of experience and am very grateful for that.well done!!!

Day Four – Make a Bad Thought a Good One

24. My neighbours always upset me by park their cars behind mine and often delay in removing thereby causing me to be late.=Well,this has given me the opportunity to check my car oils,water levels and also warm the car b4 hitting the road.

25. Good reminders to slow down and be grateful for what we have instead of being UNGRATEFUL for what we don’t have.

26. Letting go of my negative thoughts about myself and transforming them into positive I AM statements!

Day Five – Share!

27. You may already know this but the book, Think and Grow Rich changed my life! I have to share that when I got the book, I thought it was about ways to become rich, lol! When I started on the first chapter, it talked about inner and outer space. I immediately put the book down for about two years and never opened again. You see, I don’t like Star Wars or anything related to it. That’s how ignorant I was! That’s how limited my thinking was at the time. The title clearly stated THINK and GROW rich. Did I catch it? Nope! Not until I watched the DVD The Secret(which I had seen before but didn’t catch on) and heard the mentioning of Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

28. My 5 things that I am grateful for is the DVD, The Secret, the book, Think and Grow Rich, the Universe, GOD, and the successful life that’s coming to me in 2014!!

Day Six – Be Generous

29. I sponsor a widow and a child in India & I have been donating to causes such as climate change and the environment.

30. I’m Generous with my cash, my food and especially my Love!! Even though many people have used me for my kindness over the years it hasn’t stopped me from being my Generous Loving Selfless Self!!Love Being Me!! Most days!!Bless

Day Seven – Give Thanks for the Bumps on the Road

31. Of all the 7 days… # 7 resonates the most with me. I am grateful for the “bad” things that happened to me. Everyone of them caused me to take a path that I would not have went down if it were not for the “bad” thing. I have a wonderful life now. I have beautiful people in my life. Without those “bad” things happening, I may have taken a different path. Who knows who or what would be then… Very grateful!

32. My regret is the harm I did to my health caused by inability to cope with the stress of my divorce and court hearing…still working on putting the sadness behind gratitude to my wonderful son for standing with me all the way and my sister for going beyond the call of duty and being so loving caring and patient with me..God has blessed me with an amazing family..

33. Thank u for making me focus the last few months an realising we’re I make mistakes being negative

Hum… Would it be a mistake to assume that you really liked the Gratitude Challenge? 🙂 We did as well, we entered the New Year in a really positive state of mind – thank you all for participating and for sharing the love!

And here’s one final… game: we didn’t put any names next to your comments, some of them are so universal that they can be applied to all of us – but we did put the numbers.

Which of these expressions could apply to you? For me, it’s #4, 12, 17, 25 and 31