The latest book by Rhonda Byrne, the bestselling author of The Secret (2006), The Power (2008) and The Magic (2010) was released in November 2013. The readers agree that this book is a lot different than the previous ones, and, according to the reactions, it will be another global bestseller.


Rhonda Byrne is known as a master at getting other people on board to help her convey her messages. In Hero, she presents the  inspirational stories of 12 people who rose from rags to riches, from unknown to known personalities. Their backgrounds range from surfer, authors, video gamer, photocopier seller, eye-brow specialist, hair-stylist, and various coaches with one thing in common: all of them had very humble beginnings, and today they’re well-known figures in their field.

An abstract from the book:

This is the story about why you are here on planet Earth. There is something special about you. There is something you were born to be and do that not one of the other seven billion of us was. There is a life you are meant to live; there is a journey you are meant to take. This book is about that journey.

And that’s precisely what Rhonda Byrne described through the stories of these 12 people. In a way she presents the readers with a “map” that shows them how to get from where they are now to the life they’ve always dreamed of having.

Through each story the author describes what happens when we embark on a journey of spiritual growth – which isn’t always pretty, it includes “the labyrinth,” “naysayers” and “the road of trials”.

One of the main points of the book is the need to cultivate the mind and heart of a hero; we need to have belief and a willingness to follow our bliss if we want to allow our highest human qualities to arise within us, and to become true heroes. Then, according to the author, “a new purpose will overtake your heart – to help those who are beginning their own Hero’s journey” (all of the Heroes presented in the book are today involved in some kind of charity work).


These are the Heroes and the summaries of their stories:

Liz Murray grew up in powerty in NYC. As a teenager she found herself homeless after her mother died and her father went into a shelter, but she had a dream to attend Harvard.

Not only did she fulfill that dream, she also became a best-selling author through sharing her story.

G. M. Rao grew up in a small village in India with no electricity and no telephones. He wanted to go into business so that one day he could settle down with a small business and a nice house, but he stayed open to the opportunities.

After having started with a small business of a jute mill, today his empire includes power plants, development of airports and highways, and urban development.

Laird Hamilton grew up in a broken home in Hawaii. He set out to prove himself as a surfer; his extreme adventures led to many serious injuries and broken bones, but he was determined to follow his dream to break the limits of what was possible.

Today he’s one of the greatest big-wave surfers the world has seen.

Anastasia Soare fled Communist Romania with her young family. She came to Los Angeles without any money, not speaking English. She worked 14-hour days in a beauty salon, but she soon realized that nothing in her life was going to change until she changed what she was doing.

She started her own business in Beverly Hills and gained instant success, shaping her business into a national and global empire.

Paul Orfalea was a child suffering from severe dyslexia and ADHD. Although practically unable to read, he held a dream of building a company bigger than IBM.

One day, thanks to his keen sense of observation, he saw a need for cheep printing and photocopying. From this idea he built Kinko’s, which eventually grew into a billion-dollar photocopying company.

Peter Burwash gave up a career in hockey after his lower back was paralyzed in a heavy collision and set out to become a tennis professional.

He became one of the most revered tennis coaches of all time, and built the largest tennis management company in the world.

Mastin Kipp was one of the youngest junior executives in the Los Angeles music industry, but he got fired because of an escalating drug and alcohol habit.

It was the greatest shock of his life, but it made him set about reinventing himself. Mastin has since become an inspirational blogger and writer through his rapidly growing website The Daily Love.

Pete Caroll had only one dream in his life – playing sports professionally, but that dream was cut short when he failed to make the grade in the National Football League.

He then realized that there was another way to make his dream come true, and became a football coach. His career was full of ups and downs, but he emerged to become one of the most inspirational American football coaches of all time.

Michael Acton Smith found himself virtually unemployable after graduating university. He borrowed £1,000 from his mother after he couldn’t raise any financing from the bank to go into business.

He had several failed enterprises. On the brink of bankruptcy he had an idea for which he knew was something special – it was Moshi Monsters which took England and globe by storm.

Layne Beachley lost her mother as a young girl, and found out that she was adopted as a baby, which deeply influenced her. She needed to deal with the feelings of loss and abandonment so she set a goal for herself – to prove her worth by becoming a world-champion surfer.

She won a world title not once, but seven times, and became the world’s greatest female surfer.

John Paul DeJoria and his brother spent 4,5 years of their childhood in a foster home. They both ended up in a kids’ street gang in East Los Angeles. In his twenties, John Paul was living in a car with his infant son, collecting bottles to survive.

Determined to make something of his life, John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell started a hair-product company with only $700; the company, John Paul Mitchell Systems, would go on to earn more than $1 billion a year.

Peter Foyo, born in a family of hard working immigrants, dreamed of a technological future where cities ran on solar power and telephones were mobile. When he got older, he dreamed of becoming the best executive in Latin America.

These “impossible” dreams both came true when Peter became president of telecommunications giant Nextel Communications Mexico at the age of 33.

Readers reviews

The goosebumps started on the first page! Inspiring and also surprising, it is just amazing the way energy flows from this book.


I always find the answer to the question I am asking when I just get out of my own way. This book reinforces what I know is the answer to all the questions I have been asking since I first read The Secret. If I just stop and listen, let go, believe, then the answer is there. It is in how I view what may seem to be a obstacle and the way I react that helps me to be a better person. My goal or desire can be a large or small one, just has to be mine not someone else’s.

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