How To Create a Vision Board


There are numerous ways to create your own vision board, there are even vision board kits that you can buy and assemble. What your vision board will look like will depend on your personal preferences  – you can make it on posterboard or corkboard, on your computer, basically any kind of a visual reminder that suits your personal needs will do.

By Hand or On Your Computer?

It doesn’t matter whether your vision board will be a physical one or something that you’ve created on your computer. What’s important is that you choose the way you’re most comfortable with, and that you know that the images you put there will “speak” to you.

Physical Vision Board

To create one with your own hands, you’ll need some sort of a board: wooden, carton, plastic… it doesn’t really matter, it only affects the looks of it, and whether you’ll be attaching the photos and affirmations on it using some sort of glue, or nails 🙂

You’ll also need a bunch of magazines and sharp scissors to cut the pictures and text you want to put on your vision board. And some oilcloth or something else that you can put on the table where you’re making your vision board, to avoid the mess.

Digital Vision Board

If you’re more computer savvy, you can create your vision board in Photoshop, or even as a presentation that you can play whenever you feel like it. Make it a desktop background, or a screen saver. There are even vision board software that you can use for this, you can try them out as well.

It really doesn’t matter which way you’ll do it. Just make sure it reflects your dreams.

Important Steps in Creating Your Vision Board

Before beginning your vision board, set an intent: what is it exactly that you want? If you want something more abstract (happiness, love, success, spiritual growth…), you’ll have to think carefully what images and words would represent that for you.

Sit quietly and think about your wishes, and perhaps some images will start to show in your head. If not, then just browse through the magazines (or the pictures on the Internet) and keep all the images you like, even for no reason. You’ll eventually either discard them, or you’ll discover that the teddy bear you chose has a meaning in your life. Sometimes you just have to trust your subconscious to pick the images for you 🙂

When you have chosen the images and positive affirmations that you want to put on your vision board, begin to lay your favorites on the board and eliminate any images and sentences that no longer feel right. Before gluing them, rearrange them a few times, until you’re perfectly happy with the way it all looks.

And just so you know, there is no law that forbids you to add any writing or drawings with your own hand 🙂

Extra Tips

After a while (when you’ve made a few vision boards) you’ll get the feeling what works for you, but these extra tips may help you to do a better job:

  • Try not to put too many pictures on it. A vision board is a visualization tool, and focused attention is needed to make the most out of it. Too many pictures can easily distract you (unless they’re all about the same thing).
  • It should reflect exactly what you want. A messy vision board, or the one that doesn’t resonate with you, will send conflicting signals to the universe (attracting more messiness to your life). If you see that some part of your vision board, or all of it, doesn’t “click” with you, doesn’t inspire the emotions you were expecting to feel, then replace it. No reason to fall for  clichés – it’s your vision board!
  • Don’t stick with what you think is possible. Don’t limit yourself in your wishes – trust that the law of attraction will take care of the hows, you just focus on what you truly want.
  • Keep it somewhere highly visible. The whole point of a vision board is to keep you focused, to make you remember your goal, so you need to be able to see your vision board often.
  • Be happy looking at it. Finally, once it’s done and you’re pleased with it, don’t fall into the trap of getting frustrated for not having what’s on it yet. Just be happy while you’re looking at it, and know that it’s on its way to you 🙂
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