How to Get Started with the Law of Attraction


The law of attraction exists and works no matter what – and it is shaping your life, whether you want to take part in it or not. It’s not rocket science; anyone can understand its rules and principles and learn how to apply them to manifest the changes in their lives. Anyone can do it.

The difference between those who want to shape their lives and those who would rather let their lives be shaped, is in the willingness to take action and to make a positive change. It is hard work, for some more than for others, but if the ultimate goal is taking control over every aspect of your life – are you ready to pass the opportunity?

The core principles that should guide you on your way to success are described in the separate pages on our website, and they are:

  • Knowledge: knowing how the law of attraction works, and knowing exactly what you want to attract to your life
  • Focus: focusing your thoughts on what you want, as well as focusing on one thing at a time
  • Action: taking action is the follow up part that requires you to be proactive about what you have manifested
  • Belief: believing 100% that you have set things in motion with your thoughts.

Take It Seriously

This is probably the most important advice we can offer you: if you want to be successful in manifesting, take it seriously. When your parents were teaching you how to walk, they didn’t just watch other kids doing it and wished for you to take your first steps alone – they were making you try every day, regularly. Today walking is something you don’t think about, you’re just doing it when you want.

Think of this the same way: your first steps will be hard to make, so you have to discipline yourself to practice it every day if you want to set the law of attraction in motion. Write down your goals and start with the smallest. Learn every day, read about how the law of attraction works – there are tons of material on this website alone; practice focusing your thoughts – if you find it too difficult to release your negative beliefs, don’t hesitate to use tools like hypnosis to enhance your attracting capacities. Don’t expect it to be easy at first – but don’t give up.

You know, it’s easy to say: “Oh, I’ve been thinking about $1,000,000 every day for the past week, and I haven’t got them – this stuff doesn’t work.” Of course it doesn’t, not that way – right now, as you’re just starting out, you probably don’t believe 100% that it’s even possible, and you certainly don’t know how to manifest that kind of money.

So start small – start with learning. Just like with your first steps. Learning will lead to believing that it is possible, and starting from there, it’s only a matter of practicing manifestation daily, and acting upon it when you have attracted the opportunity.

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