May 252014

Using the principles of the Law of Attraction you should be able to have money flowing in abundance – so what’s happening, why isn’t it there yet?

The answer is simple if you want to admit it: you’re blocking it. You’re the one creating your reality and, although you consciously want more money (most people do, right) you’re also sabotaging your own efforts. Now let’s see how you might be doing it and what you can do to unblock the money flow.

Have you questioned your beliefs about money?

99% of people who have trouble manifesting money have some sort of limiting beliefs regarding it, and they usually aren’t aware of them – they aren’t thinking that these beliefs are limiting them in any way because they’ve been there their entire life, built and repeated during their childhood.

Think about what opinions your parents used to hold about money when you were young: did they often say that they can’t afford to buy things, was the prevailing opinion that money was reserved for already rich people or that being modest and not having a lot of money is a virtue, did they complain much about debt?

Then try to link these with your own feeling about money: do you feel that you somehow don’t deserve it, or is there something in the back of your mind telling you that having a lot of money would somehow be wrong?

And finally, when you hit the spot and identify what is limiting you, try to dissolve it: is it practical to hold on to such beliefs, are they rational?

It will take some work, but you will finally open yourself up to accept money into your life.

How’s you language?

Pay attention to what you’re saying: if you’re talking about lack of money, about debt or difficult financial situation, you’re putting a negative focus on money and getting a negative result.

When you talk about money and your money situation, always try to put a positive spin on it – even if you are in debt, talk about how money is coming to you (you can also use affirmations – when you affirm that money is coming in abundance, no matter how untrue it may sound at the beginning, your mind will eventually get used to this positive spin and accept it).

Choose what you’ll focus on

Whatever you focus on the most, you attract it to your experience – so make the choice and put your focus on things that represent money, wealth and abundance: luxury cars and houses, wealthy people in the magazine or on TV, even if you have plenty of flowers in the garden is an abundance symbol.

Never pay attention to symbols of lack; if you notice that you’re thinking about lack in any context, make a conscious effort and stitch your focus on that which you want to see in your life.

Act as if you have loads of money

No, this doesn’t mean that you should give it away or that you should start buying things that you can’t afford, but rather try to show that you respect money, that you’re aware of its value and that you’re not afraid to spend it – rationally.

Never hoard money (it radiates the energy of fear that you might lose it), but don’t give it away either – to the relatives that you know will never return it, for example. Buy smart – instead of surrounding yourself with low quality, inexpensive things, start buying less of more expensive but quality things.

Instead of “saving for a rainy day” start “putting money aside for opportunities when they arise”.

And make sure that money is neatly sorted in your wallet – show respect to it 🙂

Finally, stop looking for evidence that you still don’t have enough money and enjoy the process of becoming abundant instead.

The more you positively focus on money, the sooner you will open yourself to the flow and start seeing it more in your life!

Here’s a handy money manifestation visualization exercise if you need extra help 🙂

What do you think is blocking you the most from receiving money? Share in the comments!

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