How to Release Negative Beliefs


Many people, after watching movies like The Secret or reading some book about the law of attraction, understand the basic concept behind it, and start working on attracting all kinds of things to their life, expecting to be able to manifest their dream life in a month or so: “I’ll now manifest twelve billion dollars”, “I’m attracting the most beautiful woman in the world”, “Hey, I’ll just sit in my chair and manifest dinner in front of me.”

Well, this is possible, we’re the first to admit that. But check this: if you want the law of attraction to work, you have to believe in it 100%. While this is generally easy to do for most people – to believe that the law works, the second part of believing is a lot more difficult: it’s believing that we can manifest whatever we want.

How Negative Beliefs Affect Manifestation

Although the two segments of the principle of belief are intimately connected (believing that you can manifest anything should naturally follow the belief in the law itself), well, we’re humans, and most of us have huge amounts of negative and limiting beliefs stored deep in our subconscious. This results in us being incapable of fully exploiting our manifesting capacity, because we are limiting ourselves in what we feel we can do, or deserve to have.

There are two basic kinds of negative belief:

  • Focusing on the negative things: for example, when you want to find a job – you don’t have any, you’re feeling useless, you can’t afford to take your family to the local zoo, let alone to Disney World. It’s difficult to stay positive in this situation, so you start feeling depressed, feeling sorry for yourself, looking how your friends and your neighbors are driving new cars and buying new furniture – it all makes you feel worse, nurturing negative thoughts and feelings, you perhaps start to envy or hate them, or even worse, to hate yourself, feeling that you just can’t get out of the state you’re in. If you know anything about how manifestation works, you’ll know that this will cause you to attract even more misery to your life, more things to feel bad about, worsening your circumstances further.
  • Limiting belief: many times, even when we’re having positive thoughts, and when we’re doing everything right, we just seem unable to attract a positive change that we want to see in our life. For example, if we want to attract love, doing all the right things: using positive affirmations, vision boards that describe the life together, being positive with every grain of effort we can consciously make – sometimes it just won’t come, no matter how hard we try. And it’s not that the law of attraction doesn’t work – it’s us. Somewhere in our subconscious is stored the lack of belief in ourselves, in our worthiness. We perhaps don’t feel that we deserve to be loved – or we think that we’re so insignificant that the Law of attraction doesn’t want to be bothered with us.

In both cases, it’s our mind that needs change. The good news is that we can make that change 🙂

Releasing Negative Beliefs

There are many ways you can free yourself from the negative and limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your way to success with manifesting, but here are a few that you can use without much effort, and that can be very effective:

Use visualizations to discover the root problem

Visualizations, apart from being a powerful manifestation tool, can help us learn where exactly in our subconscious the problem is hiding.

An example: a woman might not be able to attract a new car, because as she visualizes it, as she enjoys it more and more, her thoughts slip to the image of her children leaving crumbles in her beautiful new car, spilling soda, making a mess of her plush leather seats.

This can mean that, somewhere in her subconscious, she doesn’t believe that she can have anything pretty for as long as she has kids. Of course, that is ridiculous, and as soon as she becomes aware where the problem is, she will be able to let it go.

You can use visualizations to do exactly that: imagine a perfect scenario, and analyze the thoughts that pop into your head that make it impossible, or difficult, to become real. Then you’ll know where the problem lies, and you will be able to free your mind of it.

Use affirmations 

Affirmations can do the same thing for your mind. If you’re working to change something that you’re struggling with for a long time, positive affirmations that you’re saying are probably falling on deaf ears, because your subconscious keeps undermining your conscious efforts.

For example, if your affirmation is: “I fully accept who I am”, your subconscious (able to process thousands of thoughts in one split of a second) could be saying: “No, you don’t. There’s a lot you don’t like about yourself. You always do the wrong things. Actually, you hate who you are.”

What you could do, is to bring these negative affirmations out to the open: take a piece of paper, write down your positive affirmation, and then in a separate column write down everything that comes out against it.

Not only will this help you understand what it is that keeps you from being positive, it will also help you overcome it: as you keep writing, eventually the list with the negative beliefs will exhaust itself, and what will start coming up will be the positive thoughts that will help you strengthen your belief that the change you desire is actually quite possible.

Use subliminal messages or hypnosis

Finally, if the negative patterns in your mind are so deeply rooted that you can’t eliminate them by yourself, try turning to re-programming your subconscious from the inside. Send the positive statements directly to it, and engrave the new patterns in your belief. Hypnosis and subliminal audios (mild form of hypnosis) are being widely used for this – you can read more about it in our articles How subliminal messages work and How hypnosis works.

The point is, the key to your success is in you, and you alone; and that means that you alone can unlock your manifesting potential. Yes, it will take time and effort, maybe some help from the outside, but eventually you’ll be free to live the life you want. For the rest of it 🙂

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