How to Use Guided Meditations and What Results You Can Expect


Guided meditation is one of a few really effective manifesting tools. In case you don’t know exactly what guided meditation is and how it works, you can check the article we have about it (conveniently titled What Is Guided Meditation); in this article we will talk about practical side of guided meditations.

How to Use Them

As guided meditations require a pre-written script, you should first get or create one. If you already have experience with meditation and visualization, you can write your own script that will guide you through the process and record yourself reading it, or you can get a guided meditation recording that deals with the issue you’re having or the goal you want to achieve.

To listen to your guided meditation you don’t need headphones, although you’ll probably hear it more clearly this way. You should make yourself comfortable while you’re listening to it – sit in a comfortable chair or lie on your bed (if you’re sure you won’t fall asleep). Standing is not recommended as these recording are usually 20-40 minutes long.

While listening to the recording, you may find that your thoughts are leading you elsewhere, especially at the beginning – you may start to daydream or to snooze. It’s OK, don’t try to control them (that way you will create resistance and disturb the calm brought by meditation) – just be relaxed, and when you notice that your thoughts have taken another direction, just gently point them back to listening of the recording.

With time, your thoughts and emotions will find a way to settle, and you will be experiencing the benefits of guided meditation even if you’re not fully focused to it – your subconscious mind hears the messages even if you don’t.

You should however be persistent and listen to the recording consistently; as we explained in this article about meditation, the changes in the way you think happen by repeating the new thoughts and ideas – they get engraved in your mind deeper and deeper each time you listen to them, so you need to allow the time for the process to finish.

And this part is very important: every change that you want to make from within has to be followed by matching actions that you’ll perform on conscious level: if, for example, you’re using guided meditations in order to manifest a romantic partner, back it up with other actions: repeat positive affirmations, make room for them in your life, remind yourself that they’re on their way to you during the day (you can use some images or written messages, on your computer desktop or around your home, to remind you of your goal as you go through your day).

Expected Results

The results you can expect from using guided meditations vary from one person to another, but if you’re open to it and persistent, you can achieve practically anything (we wrote about it in Using Meditation for Manifestation).

What you can expect from almost any type of guided meditation recording is that you’ll become generally more relaxed and calm, and more focused on whatever it is you’re doing – meditative part of guided meditations usually include some sort of focusing exercise (mainly focusing on your breathing), which brings your mind to eventually learn to keep the thoughts “together”.

Depending on the specific goal of the guided meditation you’re using, you can start noticing some changes in the way you think about that specific issue in a week or two of regular listening to the recording.

These initial changes generally have to do with lessened resistance: for example, if you were using a guided meditation to help you with manifesting money, you should be able to notice that you’re having some sort of A-ha moments, like: “Wow, I could actually drive some money my way” or something like that (depending on what your core issue was).

The longer you listen to the recording and follow through with matching actions, the more faith you will have in your manifesting abilities; you should find that your belief in achieving your goal gets stronger and stronger, and you’ll become more action oriented in expectation for your manifestation to come. Your doubts will vanish and you’ll be feeling completely in control.

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