How to Visualize


Visualization is a powerful technique that has many uses, from psychotherapy, sports, medicine, to, of course, the law of attraction. Improving your visualization skills and practicing it regularly can affect all aspects of your life – but first you need to learn how to do it properly, don’t you 🙂

Steps to Successful Visualization

Visualization is simple, really, once you get a grip on it. It involves:

  • RelaxingYou have to clear your mind and to relax. Find a quiet spot where nobody will bother you, sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and breathe through the nose. You can try focusing on your breathing, or on counting to ten.
  • Breaking visualization down into senses. Start imagining the environment, including every detail. Let’s say you want to imagine a day at the beach. Create the image of the beach itself, the people around you, your towel, the sea, the sand. Then include all senses: how the air smells, how the water tastes in your mouth, feel the texture of the sand, the sound of waves.
  • Third person view. Now imagine yourself coming closer to the water, look at your feet closely to slowly add detail to the image. Look at yourself stepping in the water, and going deeper and further.
  • First person view. Feel the water around you, your arms swinging through it, your legs moving rhythmically. Breathe in and out as you swim, swallow some water, feel how you’re moving gently through it. Imagine yourself swimming without stopping, until you reach a small boat half a mile further.
  • Wrapping it up.  Now slowly come back. You’ve completed your tour and the image slowly fades. Open your eyes again when you feel ready.

Even if you only read this, you can probably see why visualization works so well. Were you were able to see yourself swimming? You see, even this short exercise has made the path for one part of your day at the beach in your brain, and that path has made it possible for you to get closer to feeling like you were really there. When you do that regularly while deeply focused on your imagery, your brain won’t even notice the difference.

Start with something simple, like preparing lemonade or going to bed early. The goal is to make the image as vivid as possible, to feel like you’re actually doing it.

The Importance of Details

Successful visualization requires you to form a clear mental image, to clearly “see” it, and many people don’t realize that – they think that it’s enough to close their eyes and to daydream.

We have already explained in our article about how visualization works that creative visualization is different than daydreaming – it is stronger and more focused. That’s why the details are so important: they keep you focused, and make the imagery more vivid so that your mind can’t tell it from reality(during the time you’re visualizing, of course).

Another problem that people can experience when they try to visualize is a “blank” screen: you set a scheduled time to visualize (say, right before going to bed), you close your eyes, take deep breaths, you’re ready to start imaging your perfect girlfriend – and get nothing. She just won’t appear, and the more you try, the blanker the screen gets.

Well, you know what helps in this situation? Remembering that you have five senses, not only one 🙂

Perhaps the looks of your perfect partner won’t come – but can you feel her touching you? Her palm at the back of your head, holding you gently. Perhaps you’re holding her in your arms, or she’s lying next to you. Perhaps she’s asleep, and you feel her leg over yours. Or you may be dancing, and you can feel her body moving in the rhythm of the music.

Can you hear her voice? Is she laughing at a joke you just told? Imagine a conversation – what you say, what she says, a very detailed conversation where you’re planning who will come to dinner this evening, and she adores you for inviting her parents. Is she wearing a perfume, or has she just washed her hair and you can smell her shampoo? The taste of her lips.

Now that you can smell her perfume, feel her punching you in the shoulder and hear her saying how that was the funniest joke she’s ever heard – can you see her? Or you can only see green, the dress she’s wearing. Your perfect girlfriend is there 🙂

Believe in Your Visualization and Be Consistent

Psychologists have this term, “self fulfilling prophecy“: whatever you think about yourself or about your circumstances, good or bad, it has a powerful impact on your behavior, which in turn causes that belief to become true. For example, if you believe that you’re good at what you do professionally, you’ll feel confident, and your attitude and your actions will be saying “I’m really great at my job”; the attitude that someone has often impact others, making them believe it’s true – which then results in, for example, more business offers and deals that prove you right. This works the other way round as well – if you don’t believe that you’re that good, your behavior will show it, making your potential business partners feel uncomfortable doing business with you, which will only worsen your already low image about yourself – making you awful at your job.

This is easily applied to your visualization capacity: the more you believe in your imagery, the more easily it will be to add more details to it, to achieve the level of reality needed to do it successfully – it will be more powerful, creating deeper paths in your brain. That’s why it’s important to be consistent in visualizing – practice makes us better, and regular repeating of a visualization brings you closer to really “seeing” it.

Set a scheduled time to visualize (best is either when you wake up in the morning, or just before the bedtime), and stick to it. Your first visualizations probably won’t be very successful – you have to get used to the new idea, to work through all the details; you’ll probably dismiss some of them later, and add the new ones that better fit into your perfect environment. But with practice it will become better.

To help you with your visualizations, we have prepared some “exercises” for guidance, or just as examples (you can find the full list of exercises on the core page of this section, Visualization and the law of attraction):

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Well, happy visualizing, and let us know how it went – or send us your own examples!

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