I Can Make You Rich


The book and CD I Can Make You Rich by the British author and hypnotists Paul McKenna were released in 2007, featuring a mix of thought provoking examples, quotes from famous people, and self-hypnosis or mind programming exercises that are meant to help the readers install the rich mindset.


The first part of the book, “Psychology of Wealth”, describes the importance of thinking rich: like Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles long before him, McKenna explains why it’s important to develop a healthy attitude to money and the benefits it can bring, leading the reader through changing their beliefs about their right to wealth and their relationship to money.

He describes several very effective mental exercises for achieving that, among others creating a “Rich Anchor” and reprogramming your “Wealth Thermostat”. A  25 minute self-hypnosis CD accompanies this first part.

The second part, “Let’s Go Make Money!” helps the readers to generate ideas, to plan a business, and to act on their plans, including more advice and exercises outlining the methods and philosophies of wealthy and successful people.

What most people expect from the title is that McKenna’s book is focused on monetary riches, but the author also talks about the richness of life. The book includes NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and EFT (emotional freedom techniques) based exercises that can help the reader to get on the right track to living a more abundant lifestyle.


Part 1: The Psychology of Wealth

  • Getting Rich is an Inside Job
  • Transforming Your Relationship with Money
  • Reprogramming Your Wealth Thermostat
  • Overcoming Emotional Spending
  • Tapping into the Flow of Wealth
  • Creating a Rich Vision

Part Two, Let’s Go Make Money!

  • How To Make Money
  • Assembling Your Wealth Team
  • A Proven Formula for Success
  • The Simplest Business Plan in the World
  • The Three Skills that Lead to Riches
  • The Secrets of Living Rich

Readers reviews

G. R. Goodman:

A very well written book. Full of really good tips and exercises. The book & CD basically conditions you into a wealthier mindset. Listening to the CD you don’t realise what is happening until you stand back from it. I am now far more confident and happier in my outlook on life in general. The CD alone is well worth the purchase price.
Money “problems” are gradually going away and my business is actually starting to make a profit.


Good book , good theories
Are you ready to become rich? If you’ve ever wondered why it is that some people find it easy to make money while others struggle, it’s not because they are more intelligent, work harder or have better luck – it’s simply because they think and act differently. and that’s what make it even great !

Chris Harrison:

‘I can make you Rich’ is one of my favorite books for several reasons; Firstly, it contains lots of exercises to motivate you and get you thinking in the right direction. Secondly, the CD is really good (as usual) containing a mixture of hypnotic trance that reference the exercises in the book and metaphorical stories. Thirdly, I listened to the cd solidly for a week the last time I was looking for work, and within one interview I had trebled my salary! 

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