Improve Your Dancing Visualization


Do you dream of becoming a professional dancer, or you just want to impress your significant other on the dance floor? Of course, you can’t learn to dance just by sitting in your room and visualizing the dance moves, but if you’re already practicing and you need an extra push, or even more practice – visualizing yourself on the dance floor can definitely help.

If you haven’t done so yet, we also recommend that before you start with this visualization, you read our article How to visualize and other articles listed in the core section about visualization and law of attraction to get a better idea of why these steps are important for successful visualizing.

Preparation stage:

  1. Specify your goal. – Do you want to win a dancing competition, or do you wish to dazzle your partner with your moves?
  2. Choose at least one image to keep in your mind before you start visualizing. – This image will depend on your goal, of course, but it should be something that represents for you that you have mastered dancing the way you wanted. For the purpose of this exercise, we’ll pretend that your goal is to improve your motivation so that you’re driven to your dancing practice, and that you want to learn to dance as a surprise gift to your partner on your wedding day.
  3. Set a schedule and find a quiet place for your visualization. – Find a place where no one will be disturbing you for at least half an hour. Try to practice visualizing every day at the same time.

Steps to improving your dancing visualization:

  1. Relax. – Clear your head of all irrelevant thoughts and emotions. Take a few deep breaths, focus on your breathing and count to ten.
  2. Break visualization down into senses. – It’s your wedding day, everything went smoothly so far, you’re both looking great, the guests are enjoying themselves. Soon will be the time for your first dance. Imagine the restaurant, the people around you, your beautiful bride by your side. The music starts playing your song – listen to it, listen to your bride’s excitement. Take her hand and feel it in yours as you’re taking her to the dance floor – she’s hesitant, but you know she has no reason to be. Put your arm around her waist, feel her in your arms, sense her smell.
  3. Third person view. – Look at you two dancing, it’s beautiful! You’re so elegant and confident, you know exactly how to move, when to turn her and how, she is following your lead and everything goes so smoothly, like in the movies!
  4. First person view. – How are you feeling right now? Confident, relaxed, a man! You know that she wanted this dance to be just like this, and you gave it to her – she adores you for it, and you know that. Let yourself be proud, and enjoy the rest of the dance.
  5. Wrapping it up. – Slowly let the feeling and the image fade away.
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