Is Subliminal Messaging Effortless?


Well, this depends: what actually do you mean by that question?

Subliminal messaging is effortless, in the sense that you can do whatever you want while listening to some subliminal album that someone else created, and let the affirmations sink into your subconscious. There’s absolutely nothing that you have to do to make your subconscious “hear” the subliminal messages. Let it play in the background as you’re washing the dishes, preparing a business presentation, or just resting on your couch.

If, on the other hand, you want to actually benefitĀ from listening to them – then it’s a whole other story.

Sorry to break it to you like this, but do you really expect that you can just play an album, and to see all of your problems miraculously gone, all the negative beliefs that have been holding you back re-wired, and you suddenly turned into a person you’ve always wanted to be? No, of course you don’t šŸ™‚

But subliminal messages can be an extremely useful aid to help you reach the goals you’re consciously pursuing.

Here’s The Deal: When Subliminals Can Help

In the article that talks about how our negative beliefs can sabotage our conscious manifesting efforts, we have explained the reasons why many times, even when we’re doing everything right, it just seems like the Law of attraction isn’t working – or like it’s working in the wrong direction: it’s our subconscious mind’s fault.

For example, when we work on manifesting our dream house, we can repeat positive affirmations like: “I’m attracting my new house, I am doing everything it takes to attract my new house”; we can visualize the house of our dreams, or put it on our vision board; we can even do all the actions that come to our mind that should help us acquire that house – browsing the real estate ads, telling all of our friends that we’re looking for such house, looking at the offers of the real estate agencies… We can be focused on getting that house all day long – and we can still find ourselves doubting that we’ll ever own it. And that puts a stop to the process.

The reason for this is, most often, that somewhere in our subconscious we don’t really believe that we can manifest something so unbelievable big, or that we don’t deserve to have it. These sneaky little thoughts that appear from the back of our brain are enough to mess up the message we’re trying to send to the universe; the fear of actually owning the house of our dreams is translating our thoughts into something like this: “Well, probably it’s better for me not to be the owner of something so beautiful; I probably wouldn’t be able to manage it, and anyway, it costs too much, what if I lost my job tomorrow?” etc.

It’s our mind sabotaging itself, and in most cases, we aren’t even aware of it.

Now take a look at our article aboutĀ how subliminal messages work, if you haven’t yet: it explains how subliminal messages can help in creating a new, positive path in our mind. The efforts that we’re consciously making are obviously not enough to make our mind believe that what we want is actually possibleĀ – and subliminal messages, which enter the subconscious directly, can push it to the right direction.

Combined with our conscious efforts, subliminals can do a tremendous job in “healing” our mind from negativity that keeps us from getting what we have asked the universe for – simply by aligning all of our thoughts and beliefs with our desires and actions. That, in turn, makes us even more focused, even more action oriented, and finally feeling that weĀ doĀ deserve, andĀ canĀ have whatever we set out mind to.

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