Is Subliminal Messaging Real?


Yes, it is. And no, it’s not a magic wand.

People usually associate subliminal messaging with mind control and other CIA-related things, and expect that anyone exposed to it will immediately turn into some kind of killing machine, or will start speaking Spanish like he was born in Spain, or… Well, we can’t talk about mind control (haven’t tried that one yet, sorry 🙂 ), but the submininals are something we know a thing or two about – and it’s nothing like that.

When you read more about how subliminal messaging works, you will understand that the subliminal messages are something we’re dealing with daily, and that our brain “allows” some information to go directly into our subconscious simply because conscious dealing with them would mean a massive information overload that we wouldn’t be able to handle.

That’s one of the the “natural” uses of subliminal storing of different pieces of information we’re receiving in our everyday life. However, subliminal messages can be willingly received as well – that is, you can choose to receive some messages that you feel will be beneficial to your mental or physical health. And it has its roots in science, but we have to be careful about what we’re expecting to get from them. No, they can’t harm us (not the positive subliminal messages used to enhance some of our natural abilities), but sometimes people feel the need to look for magical solutions, some that won’t require them making any effort – and this is certainly not that kind of help.

What Subliminal Messages Can Do for You

The studies on subliminal messages show that they do work, but they give the best results when trying to convince someone of something they want to be convinced of anyhow. For example, there’s been a research where a theater used subliminal advertising to sell popcorn and soda. The sales rose at a very noticeable rate, but this were the people coming to watch the movie, and they were already “familiar” with the idea of eating popcorn and drinking soda there. In other words, the idea has already been planted in their mind – the subliminal messages have only pushed them to act upon it.

When you put this concept to work, it can bring amazing results along with your own will power. That means that if you are driven to succeed and are consciously doing everything you can to ensure your success, then subliminal messages will effortlessly enhance your motivation and push you towards achieving your goals, by shaping the new patterns in your unconscious that will help you align all of your forces in one direction.

Essentially, the audio subliminals (the type that we prefer) are just sentences, spoken positive affirmations recorded just out of our conscious level of hearing (it’s been proven that they work best if our conscious mind doesn’t “hear” them). For example, if you want to stop smoking, the affirmations that you will subconsciously hear can be something like: “I am a non smoker”, or “Stopping smoking is easy”. Now, these sentences won’t be of any help if you’re listening to them and holding a lit cigarette in your hand; but if you’re working on quitting, if you’re 100% committed to that goal consciously, and you need some extra help in enhancing your willpower to resist temptation, the subliminal affirmations will help you remain strong.

As for your Law of attraction success, subliminal messages won’t work if you don’t make the effort yourself: think about your desires and focus on them, make vision boards and wish lists, read about how manifestation works, take action when you’ve attracted the opportunity – the subliminals will help clarify and enhance the thoughts that are already going on inside your mind. The subliminal Law of attraction albums that we use contain affirmations like: “The law of attraction is working for me every day” and “I am attracting abundance into my life. And they work for us, because – well, as you can see, we really believe in the Law of attraction, and are committed to making it work.

The bottom line is that subliminal messages won’t do everything for you – so again, they’re not a magic wand; but they can be a very helpful tool that will focus you on your goals and help you to stay on track.

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