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Lee Brower is an international wealth and business consultant, as well as generous philanthropist whose breakthrough ideas and concepts on preserving wealth are changing the landscape of leadership in a variety of places, from private homes and small businesses to public corporations and large educational institutions. You may remember him from The Secret as the guy who talked about the gratitude rock.

Life and Career

Lee Brower was born and raised in California; he attended Brigham Young University and the University of Redlands, where he majored in business administration and Spanish. After that he went on to practice and study financial planning, earning a CLU and ChFC designation from American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

His entrepreneurial career began in estate planning in a large firm in Los Angeles. He loved that job, and he was good at it:

I couldn’t believe where I was. My individual practice continued to grow, and I had a number of clients who were very affluent. I felt very good about the work I was doing and confident about who I was. (source)

The successful start of his career led him to start several other businesses, but he gradually found himself spending less time doing what he loved, and growing more distracted and overwhelmed. He also gained some insights regarding his industry: families torn apart by disputes over estates, and in 97% of cases the family’s wealth is completely dissipated by the third generation.

Lee felt that, as the industry, they failed and he didn’t want that to be his legacy. After being in estate planing for 20 years, he decided to change his life and started the Strategic Coach program, which led to creating a new model for his industry: “The concepts taught at Strategic Coach have provided a phenomenal context for thinking through how to restructure and build a business,” says Lee.

Lee Brower is the founder of Empowered Wealth, LLC and creator of the Empowered Wealth System of wealth preservation; he’s also the founder of Quadrant Living Experience, LC, and founder and coach at The Business Family Coach.

He lives in the Salt Lake City area with his wife, Lori. He has eight children and six grandchildren.

Teachings and Philosophy

Lee Brower is the man that top people go to when they need some guidance and advice, including world politicians and the wealthy. He teaches them how to pass their money, but also their knowledge, expertise and wisdom to future generations, ensuring the continuation of family wealth, history, values and know-how.

He utilizes his transformational Brower Quadrant System to guide people on successfully protecting, empowering, and honoring their “true wealth”. This revolutionary new method of financial planning is based on transferring not just monetary wealth, but core assets like health, family and values. And it all started when he understood this:

Only about 1 to 2 percent of family wealth makes it to the fourth generation. Why?
This is what I asked myself after spending my early working years as a financial advisor. Obviously, traditional methods of estate planning break down; it’s time to find new systems that can sustain a family through infinite generations. Once I arrived at my “family bank” and “Quadrant Living” concept, I knew I had discovered something that could transform not only individuals and family units, but also entire institutions, businesses, and the world at large.

Lee is a firm believer in the power of gratitude, and he expresses this belief in his attitude toward his coaching clients. He says: “The real benefit I enjoy from this is experiencing the participants’ growth with them, being able to get to know some amazing, incredible people who are outstanding achievers, and to learn from them.”



How you spend your time each day–every choice, every thought, every action– is either a deposit or a withdrawal from your future.

I’m passionate about the opportunity to continue to affect lives and make a difference.

Giving and receiving is part of a larger concept that we call Living Legacy.  A legacy doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, like having a building or a school named after you.  The important thing is to make a contribution, to make the world better for those who follow.

In the video, Lee Brower is talking about the importance of positive focus:

Lee Brower’s official website is at www.leebrower.com (where you can also find the links to his business websites).

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