Making the Most out of Subliminal Messages


Subliminal messages can be a powerful tool to help you with your manifesting. But, just like with any other tool, there’s a right and a wrong way to use them, and we’ll now take a look at how you can use them for the maximum benefit.

Find Out What Your Mind Is Struggling With

Manifesting isn’t always a straightforward process – the mix of your conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs and the emotions that you, consciously and unconsciously, have related to them, is what will determine the final outcome.

For example, if you want to manifest a romantic partner, and you’re doing everything that you can consciously do: focusing on that thought, visualizing meeting him/her, saying positive affirmations etc, but it just isn’t happening, you should probably examine your subconscious to discover if the other 90% of you really wants it and really believes in it.

The common reasons for this not happening are:

  • people who have struggled with the low self-esteem for a long time, subconsciously believe that they don’t deserve to be loved, that they’re not worthy of love, which then blocks every conscious effort they make to attract love – because they actually don’t want love to happen to them.
  • people who have experienced failure in their previous relationships can develop a belief that it was all their fault, and that they just can’t make a relationship work, extending that belief to the future relationships as well in the form of “what’s the point, I’ll mess up any new relationship anyway” kind of thinking.
  • busy people who are too career-oriented can secretly be afraid that a romantic relationship would interfere with their career, or that they wouldn’t have the time to manage both their personal and professional life. Although consciously they want to find someone to share their life with, their subconscious believes that it’s not a good decision, thus blocking it.

There can be other reasons as well, but these are the most common ones. So, you may have to solve the problem that you’re not even aware of before approaching the issue that you’re consciously pursuing (in this case, attracting a perfect partner): for example, if you’re using subliminal messages albums to help you attract your perfect partner, perhaps you should first do the subconscious “re-wiring” of the core problem.

To find out how to define your core problem and what your limiting beliefs are actually about, please check our article about releasing negative beliefs – it offers a few simple techniques that you can use to bring those negative thoughts to the surface.

Make Your Conscious Actions Aligned With What You Want to Change Subconsciously

As we have explained in the article Is subliminal messaging real?, subliminal messages work best when you want to strengthen your belief and willpower about something that you’re consciously pursuing as well.

For example, if you listen to a subliminal audio about loosing weight, but you’re eating junk food and not doing any exercises, well, you may play that recording all day long and nothing will happen. Subliminal messages aren’t a magic wand that you can use to magically make right everything that is wrong in your life, but they can help in aligning all of your mental forces in one direction.

So, to make the most out of the subliminal recordings, you should accompany them with the actions that correspond to the change you want to make. If we stick to the loosing weight example, those actions could include:

Subliminal messages are indeed a powerful tool, but you still need to do the work, and you need to take a dive into your subconscious. They can help you change the patterns made in there, as long as you’re willing to consciously support the decision you made to change your life for the better.

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