Jan 012014

Get involved in the world’s biggest (?) FREE, collective consciousness / group manifestation event – right here, simply on this blog post. State your intentions for your new year resolutions and MANIFEST them to life – with the help of 100s of other people all around the world!

  • Do you have new years resolutions and BIG GOALS you want to achieve.. that YOU WILL ACHIEVE in 2014?
  • Do you want to add extra power to your new years resolutions through the power of our collective consciousness from around the world?

We do, and we want to try something with you to help us ALL not just “make” new years resolutions – but to MANIFEST THEM, to make them a self fulfilling prophecy and to make the come true!

Here’s how it works

  1. Leave a comment below and share your new years resolution..
  2. Leave another comment REPLY to someone else’s resolution wishing them well and giving them some of your manifestation power and intention?

It’s that simple.

Why Will This Work?

Happy new year 2014

Well it is an experiment, and for it to work we all need to be positive, put our intentions out there and pull together as a collective consciousness – but this is our theory.. this will work because:

  1. As a group, 100s of us from all around the world can all create our intention into a single focused place, it doesn’t have to be a physical place, it is just an energy intention, and so the place is actually THIS blog post.
  2. With 100s of people all around the world taking part, we are all putting our intention here, building the vibration and energy up.
  3. Then the real group benefit comes from the addition of energy and positivity and love on OTHER PEOPLE’S New Year’s Resolutions – so find someone else and leave them a positive reply of energy and encouragement – and this will add even more energy and intention.
  4. The group effort adds EXTRA SYNERGY. It is not just each of us making private resolutions. We are declaring them, stating them, putting them out into the universe with clarity and we are all adding extra power to each others.

Get Involved! Leave a comment below with your 2014 New Year Resolution, then refresh the page and leave positive energy for someone else!

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