More Visualization Techniques


Visualization is the core manifesting skill, and you should do your best to master it. We have explained the main technique in our article How to visualize, and given a few more that are also used for reality manifesting in the article Using visualization for manifestation.

But, as we’re all different, and what works for some probably won’t work for the others, we have decided to present you with a few more techniques and tools that you could try to find out which one will best suit you.

  1. Guided visualization is a common name for a group of visualization techniques based on “a program of directed thoughts and suggestions that guide your imagination toward a relaxed, focused state”. It follows a scenario, and is usually recorded so that you can follow the instructions that you, or someone else, have recorded to help you make your imagery more vivid. This is a good way to practice your visualization skills, but the drawback is that the scenario that someone else has made can be very different from your desires, and the way you would be imagining the scene. You can listen to some recordings of guided imagery here (the recordings last for 15-30 minutes). It’s usually used for relaxing and refueling, but it’s also a good exercise.
  2. Vision boards are a favorite visualization tool to many people. They may be in different shapes and sizes, depending on your personal preferences, so we have written a separate article that covers making a vision board. Vision boards help you define your wishes and keep you focused on the goal you’re pursuing: you pick the images and positive affirmations that best reflect your wishes, and put them on a board that you should keep on some place where you’ll be looking at it often. Many people who have attracted what they wanted claim that vision boards were the only thing related to manifestation that they ever did.
  3. Including a positive affirmation to your visualization can work very well: while you’re visualizing (whichever technique you choose), say the affirmation that goes along with it out loud. For example, if you’re visualizing that you’re attracting money in your life, you can say this affirmation: “I believe in myself and my ability to acquire massive wealth”. Expressing your desire with words that you believe in will make your visualization even stronger, adding more power to the thoughts you’re sending out to the universe.
  4. NLP Anchoring visualization isn’t primarily used for manifestation, but it’s a useful technique that can help you to change any unwanted feeling to a resourceful feeling in a matter of moments. You can use it in the preparation stage, before you start visualizing, if you’re feeling unhappy, or nervous, or anything that can stand in your way of visualizing successfully. This technique allows you “anchor” a certain positive feeling, that you can later “call” and use in any stressful situation. We have talked about that process in our article about visualizing yourself being happy, and you can read more about it in this article.
  5. Hypnosis isn’t strictly a visualization technique, but it can greatly help with improving your visualization skills: if you are having trouble with creating a 3D or moving visualization, if you can’t seem to make it real enough – or if you can’t see anything but a blank screen, you could try hypnosis. People have had much success in improving the experience of their visualizations with hypnosis – and we know that it can’t hurt, so hypnosis definitely has our vote!
  6. The cutest one for last: pink bubble technique, described by Evelyn Lim, consists of visualizing as you normally do, and then putting your imagery in a pink bubble  and: “Let go of the bubble. Visualize the bubble floating off into the universe, containing your vision.” This gives you the sense of completion, and some people can feel the joy and gratitude more easily when they let go and trust that the Universe will take care of their vision. Try it, it’s fun and it works!

There are many more techniques and tools you can use – we have described here only the most useful ones, for manifesting itself or for exercising visualization. And some of them you can use as a simple stress relief – we truly hope they will help you in at least one area of your life!

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