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The third principle of the Law of Attraction is the most important one – and also, that’s where most people fail.

Understanding how manifestation works is the easy part, and it naturally makes sense to most people, so once they discover it, they get all hyped about it, making plans and thinking: “oh, I’ll do it right away, I’ll change this, I’ll attract that…” – and do nothing.

What exactly do you need to do?

If you have read the first two articles in the series about the core principles of manifesting – about the importance of knowledge and focus, you already have an idea on what is your part in attracting the things you want in your life: you have to learn about the LoA itself in order to use it properly, you have to investigate your thoughts and your wishes in order to recognize your true desires, you have to focus your thoughts and your emotions, but most importantly, you have to make a real change in the way you’re thinking about the world that you live in, and accept the fact that, good or bad, you have created it yourself. That’s when the true change can happen, and that’s when the Law of Attraction can start acting in your behalf.

You have to believe in it. 

Whatever you want to manifest – act as if you already own it. If it’s moving in with Mr. Perfect (although you haven’t met him yet), let yourself feel like you are really doing it: make plans, talk about it, think about what stuff you will bring with you, what the weather is like, write about it in your journal or talk to the strangers about it – like it’s happening. It will help you feel the emotions that you would feel if it was true, empowering your thoughts and attracting that change into your life.

That isn’t difficult, if you’re willing to do your part in manifesting. Yet, sometimes and for some people it’s something that they just can’t, or won’t do.

How people sabotage themselves: taking responsibility and removing fear

It would be nice if you could just think about something, and then magically receive it, wouldn’t it? Why do you think Harry Potter books have so many fans – people are looking for the easy solutions, even though they know that life doesn’t work that way.

Going unconscious or semi-conscious through your life, blaming your parents, your teachers, society, circumstances, destiny or anything else, for everything that is wrong in your life, is always easier than taking responsibility for it. Learning about the Law of Attraction opens your eyes, makes you aware of the fact that you yourself have made everything that is good and everything that is bad in your life – and that is a lot to handle. It also gives you the way to change it for the better – or for worse – but it takes time and effort to change the way you have been thinking your entire life. So making a lame excuse for a real effort, that you subconsciously know will produce nothing – because you are afraid of the power handed to you – and proclaiming that “this stuff doesn’t work” is easier than actually doing something to change the very things you’re complaining about.

Learning that you have all the power is liberating for some, frightening for others. And some are just too lazy, too used to not making the effort and to blaming everyone else. Since you’re here, it’s pretty obvious that you’re not in the third group; if you’re in the first one, then you probably feel enthusiastic and ready to change your life for the better – so go for it! The second group however is where most people are, and here’s where they often fail to take action, simply because they don’t understand what’s stopping them to apply the Law of Attraction the way they want.

Often enough, even when you have focused your energy on the positive intention that you’ve set for yourself, you can find that it isn’t manifesting as quickly as you desired, or that it isn’t manifesting at all. The reason for that isn’t that LoA doesn’t work – it always works; most of the time it’s that it’s reacting to your unconscious fear of what could happen if your intention should manifest.

For example, if you desire to move to a beach paradise: it’s a pretty big change, the one that will affect other parts of your life – your partner and your family, the relationships with your friends, your professional and your spiritual life, your health, your habits… It’s very possible that some part of your mind fears that change, and, instead of manifesting your conscious intention – manifests your unconscious fear, pushing you back and annihilating your efforts.

So, the Law works fine, it’s you who needs to take a deeper look into what you really wish and what is stopping you from receiving it. Are you ready to do that? Accept that you’re the master of your fears as well, and shape your thoughts to reflect the positive emotions, removing all the obstacles.

What LoA is and what it isn’t

Law of Attraction is, in a way, a magic wand – it puts everything in your hands. But to use it properly, you have to change the way you think, and it’s not a small change. If you have spent your entire life believing that you’ll never have enough money, or that you’re not worthy of finding your soul mate, it will require a lot of work, a lot of real effort to change that.

Manifesting needs you to focus on what you do want instead of focusing on what you don’t want; the Law of Attraction is a guide for life that will teach you how to be positive and proactive, and to accept what you have been given – because that’s what you’ve asked for. But first, it needs you not only to be ready to go all out and get what you want, but to actually do it. To actually live it.

For many of us, it’s extremely difficult to switch from the mindset that we have lived our whole life to the one that we can continue to live upon, without some extra help. That help can be found in other LoAers, motivational speakers, hypnosis, but the main thing is that we want to make the change, and to act upon it.

The Law of Attraction exists and works no matter what – and it is shaping your life, whether you want to take part in it or not. It’s not rocket science, anyone can understand its rules and principles, and learn how to apply them to manifest the changes in their lives. Anyone can do it. The difference between those who want to shape their lives, and those who will rather let their lives be shaped, is in the willingness to take action and to make a positive change. It is hard work, for some more than for others, but if the ultimate goal is taking control over every aspect of your life – are you ready to pass the opportunity?

This article is the third principle in a series of 4 key manifesting principles. The first principle is the importance of knowledge, the second is about the focus, and the next one is about the power of belief.

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