Optimism and Positivity as Secrets to Success


Imagine that you’re at a wedding. You don’t like the food, the music, the restaurant… but other people who are at the same wedding are having a great time, dancing, laughing, having fun. They’re eating the same food and listening to the same music as you are – and yet, you’re feeling lousy, and they’re feeling great. Who is right?

Is Your Glass Half-empty?

Being positive is an attitude you choose to have, not something you were born with. And yet, some people choose to be pessimists and to expect the worse to happen all the time. Sometimes it’s their previous experience that caused such a choice, but sometimes it’s their own logic: if you expect the bad things to happen, you won’t be disappointed when they do.

And it does make sense – until you learn about the law of attraction, and that your negative attitude towards people and situations is, well, not going to let you down. But is that really how you want your life to be like?

The Only Disability in Life Is a Bad Attitude

The quote below, by Steve Hamilton, pretty much sums it up. If you expect bad things to happen – they will. So why wouldn’t you choose to do otherwise?

If you are happy, happiness will come to you, because happiness wants to go where happiness is.

Like attracts like, so happiness attracts happiness. Manifesting your dream life starts with positive thoughts, and optimistic expectation and belief that what you want will be granted:

– Positive people attract other positive people

– Expecting a positive outcome will manifest a positive outcome

– Believing that your life is a great experience that you should enjoy in – makes you enjoy your life. What more could you possibly want?

And from that point of view, you can see why positivity is a shortcut to achieving success in manifesting and in life ūüôā

Avoiding the Pitfalls

If being positive is something that you’re not very much used to, or you don’t know how to get there, we have good news for you: it’s something that can be learned, and at the bottom of this article there are links to other articles on our website that can help you with that. Now we will address another issue that isn’t always so obvious, but that is very important nevertheless.

You already know that focused attention will make your manifesting faster; and if you haven’t before, you should now understand how the general positive attitude is going to get you there almost effortlessly. If you’re already reinforcing your positive self-talk by using the affirmations or subliminal messages, and if you’re practicing visualization or some form of hypnosis to enhance your positive attitude toward the thing you want to manifest – that’s great! But the question is – what are you doing the rest of your day?

Or, to be more precise: when you’re not consciously focused and positive, when you’re not paying attention, what gets inside your mind?

The pitfalls that we’re talking about are these:

  • what music are you listening to when you’re relaxing? Are the lyrics destructive and negative, is the music itself too aggressive, etc?
  • on your way to work, do you listen a gossip radio talk show, or the news about the disasters and wars?
  • people that you get in contact with, they share their problems with you all the time? An insecure colleague, a drama-queen friend, an annoying salesman perhaps?

Etc, etc… All of this gets inside your mind as well, and you should be aware of that (we have explained the principle in our article How subliminal messages work) – it puts the negativity in your inner environment, and you may not even be aware of it. Often times, people just feel that they’re feeling nervous or uncomfortable with no apparent reason, and that can interfere with their manifesting capacity. It’s situations like these that bring discomfort and unease into your life.

Of course, in many cases you can’t influence that. But what you can do is to become alert and to recognize them as they appear, so that they don’t get the chance to stick inside your mind – just rub them off, and where you can, change it: change the radio station or the TV channel, turn your friend’s story to something you can both laugh at, choose other kind of music to listen to. Make the most part of your day positive – not just a few affirmations in the morning and before the bedtime.

Do yourself a favor and remove the negativity from your life!

This is the first in our series of articles about positive thinking. Please continue to the next articles in the series,  How to Be a Positive Person and How to Stop Negative Thinking.

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