Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction


Positive thinking is essential for successful manifesting: when our thoughts and feelings are positively oriented, we can attract only good things to our life.

However, being and staying positive is much easier said than done, with the avalanches of bad news, disturbing situations and annoying people that we’re all exposed in our everyday life – so we have created a separate section on the Law of Attraction Library about the power of positive thinking.

Just like anything else, positive thinking can be learned and practiced, and after a while it can become your second nature – yes, even if your current situation doesn’t offer much to be positive about.

Core Knowledge Base

Optimism and Positivity as Secrets to Success – you probably know why being positive is so important in manifesting, and in life in general, but did you know that it can sometimes be all it takes for a happy life?

Manifesting and the Power of Subconscious Mind – your whole self needs to participate in manifesting, and that includes your subconscious self-talk as well. Click to read how and why it affects your manifesting efforts.

How to Be a Positive Person – people aren’t born with positive or negative attitude. It’s a choice you make, and you can use some proven techniques to make the shift to the positive way of thinking easier. This article will reveal them to you.

Getting Rid of Negativity

How to Stop Negative Thinking – when you’re willing, there are ways; in this article we provide four techniques for controlling, releasing and stopping negative thoughts.

How to Release Negative BeliefsMost of us have huge amounts of negative and limiting beliefs stored deep in our subconscious, that make us  incapable of fully exploiting our manifesting capacity. Read about how negative beliefs influence manifesting, and what you can do to free your mind of them.

How to Fix Negative Thinking Patterns – you need to change the negative patterns in your subconscious before you continue on your path to manifesting a successful and fulfilled life. This article explains the process and offers some effective tips that can help change your self-talk from negative to positive.

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