Positive Thinking Visualization


Well, you know a lot about the power of positive thinking, and it’s especially important when you’re practicing manifesting your desires: if you have negative and pessimistic expectations, your thoughts, no matter how much you focus your attention, may never come to materialize, or they may manifest something that you didn’t want.

If you’re aware that you’re always seeing the glass half-empty, that you keep imagining what would happen if you failed rather than what it would look like if you succeeded – and if you want to change that, then creative visualization may be just the solution for you.

If you haven’t done so yet, we also recommend that before you start with this visualization, you read our article How to visualize and other articles listed in the core section about visualization and law of attraction to get a better idea of why these steps are important for successful visualizing.

This visualization exercise is to help you believe in yourself, and start making a shift to the positive attitude in life. Mastering this visualization will help you feel good about yourself and the world around you, so that you can evoke that feeling every time you feel the pessimism and negativity knocking at your door.

Preparation stage:

  1. Specify your goal. You want to visualize yourself as a positively oriented and confident person.
  2. Choose at least one image to keep in your mind before you start visualizing. This is very personal – you should find an image that represents the ease and good feeling of being positive. If you are having trouble with coming up with such an image, try to find a memory of some situation where it was difficult to stay positive, and you have still managed it, and that turned out to be good – or just imagine a similar scenario. The important part of the scenario is that you stay positive no matter what, and that it all ends up successfully. Another scenario that you can visualize – and we will use that one – is to just feel good, positive and confident. The images that we will start with will be of you waking up in the morning feeling good and expecting only good things to happen as you go through with your day.
  3. Set a schedule and find a quiet place for your visualization. Set some time apart every day to practice this visualization, in a place where you won’t be disturbed.

Steps to positive thinking visualization:

  1. Relax. – It’s very important to let go of all the thoughts and feelings, especially the negative ones, before you start with this visualization. Relax, sit comfortably and focus on your breathing. Slowly count to ten.
  2. Break visualization down into senses. – You have just woken up; you jump out of the bed and prepare to get out. Look around, it’s your room so you know every detail in it – your bed, your chair, your computer. In the bathroom take a look at yourself in the mirror – you’re smiling and looking really good, you seem happy. All the colors around you are bright and vivid, contributing to the way you feel. The sounds that you hear are cheerful – is it that cute neighbor kid laughing? You play some music and dance while you’re dressing – feel your body moving in the rhythm, feel the shirt covering your torso. You put your favorite perfume – smell it now. As you imagine your day, try to include all other sensations as they come.
  3. Third person view. – Imagine your day like you’re in a movie. You get out to the street – where do you go, who do you meet? It’s only nice people everywhere you go, you’re kind to them and they’re kind to you. Is there any specific event that would make your day even better? Include it as well, with as many details as you can. The rain starts to fall, but its OK, you enter a coffee shop and see your best friend there, she has some great news to share with you.
  4. First person view. – Now enter your body and allow yourself to feel how great this day is, and how there’s no reason that any other day would be any different. You are smiling just because it feels wonderful to be you, right now; you feel your friend’s excitement, your smile is contagious. You feel like you can do anything – and you know that you can, that it’s all in your hands. You are confident that everything, everything will be all right.
  5. Wrapping it up. – The visualization is over – that is, the time you have devoted to it; you can let the images fade away, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let go of the feeling as well. This exercise will energize you, and the excitement will probably stick.

You could practice this visualization every morning – or just evoke the feelings it provokes; try it for a few days, and please report back if any significant change happens during that time 🙂

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