Pursuing Every Opportunity


Whenever we focus our thoughts on something, when we give it our full attention, we are manifesting, attracting things in our life. No matter if we’re doing it on purpose or not, it’s happening – that’s how the law of attraction works. So, when we want to consciously influence what will be happening to us, we’re doing that by focusing our thoughts.

Now, the problem with how most people understand the law of attraction – and why we hear so often that it doesn’t work – is that they expect to sit around all day, visualizing or repeating positive affirmations, and everything they’re thinking about will just come falling to their lap.

While this is possible, only a handful of people is capable of doing that – to just make something happen out of the blue (we discuss the reasons behind this in the article about negative beliefs). As for the rest of us, most of the time we’re able to manifest the opportunities that we have to seize in order to get what we want.

You see, it’s much closer to the way we normally think to believe in the possibility to attract a job interview than to attract the actual job, for example. A job interview is the opportunity to get the job you want, and you have to take it if you want your manifestation to became your reality.

That’s why it’s called law of attraction: like does attract like, but then it’s up to you to see that you’ve attracted what you wanted, and to take it.

Some Examples

We have talked about this in more detail when we were explaining the principle of Action: by practicing manifestation, you’re attracting opportunities to you, but it’s how you react to them that will ultimately decide on whether the circle: thought-attraction-possession will be completed.

Let’s start with something simple.

Example one: you want to acquire some fish from the lake

Sitting on the couch in your living room and visualizing it won’t make the fish jump from the ceiling into your lap (well, it just might, if you can believe without a shred of doubt that something like that is possible); but the desire for the fish can inspire you to take action and to go fishing, find a nice spot on a lake and catch the fish; or you can get a sudden phone call from a friend who’s having fish for dinner, and would like you to join him.

Or you can stay on the couch – but don’t complain how the law of attraction doesn’t work 😉

Example two: you want to move to Hawaii

You have clipped the pictures of Hawaiian beaches and resorts, and pinned them to your vision board; you’re visualizing yourself there, enjoying your life, focusing deeply on the image and the feeling, you spend your days thinking about moving. Then you find a flyer with an unbelievable offer to fly to Hawaii – but you think: no, that’s not it, I’m not supposed to pay anything. And you pass.

Then you connect with a girl who lives in Hawaii on Facebook, you start chatting, she invites you to come and visit her – but you think: no, that’s not it either, she’s not very hot, if it was my manifestation, she’d be blonde. So you pass that too.

Your boss offers you a position in Hawaii – but the pay isn’t much better. You pass, again.

Well, how many opportunities do you expect to get, and how perfect do you expect them to be?

Example three: you want to find love

You’re thinking about your soul mate all the time, making the room for him in your bed, loving him upfront with all of your heart. But when:

– your friend calls you to meet her cousin,

– a stranger asks for your phone number,

– your ex calls,

– a colleague invites you for a drink,

– …

you pass.

Well, guess what? The universe will finally give up on you. It will provide you with opportunities, it will give you hints, it will inspire you with a fantastic idea for your business, or send you a stranger to meet and to discover that he’s your soul mate… but if you keep closing your eyes and ignoring the hints, it will just give up.

Don’t do that. Accept every possibility, jump on every opportunity – be open to recognize when your wishes are being delivered to you. Often times it’s on a silver platter, all you have to do is to take it.

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