Stopping Smoking Visualization


If you have been smoking for a long time, and especially if you’ve tried to quit before, you know how difficult it is. There are numerous reasons to quit: heart disease, lung cancer, bad breath and yellow teeth – you know them all, but it’s not enough to maintain your willpower. How many times have you set the date when you’ll leave the cigarettes, only to light just one more, just another one…?

The nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes are one way to quit, but that’s just not it, is it? You have to make yourself believe that your life will actually be better when you quit, that you don’t need cigarettes to have a fulfilling life – that you’re stronger than them. Visualizing your life without the cigarettes, that you can be calm and happy without the smoke is a powerful way to “explain” that to your mind.

If you haven’t done so yet, we also recommend that before you start with this visualization, you read our article How to visualize and other articles listed in the core section about visualization and law of attraction to get a better idea on why these steps are important for successful visualizing.

The goal of the exercise is to help you imagine the life without cigarettes that you will enjoy, exactly because there is no cigarette smoke in it.

Preparation stage:

  1. Specify your goal. You want to stop smoking, but you have to find the reason that makes sense to you, deep inside: if the smell of the cigarettes doesn’t bother you, perhaps you mind the coughing, or the yellow teeth, the amount of money you’re throwing away, or you just want to break free of a bad habit? This stage will need you to take a careful look at yourself to find out exactly what about the life without cigarettes could have such a strong appeal to you.
  2. Choose at least one image to keep in your mind before you start visualizing. If it’s the coughing that bothers you, you can imagine waking up in the morning and taking an undisturbed deep breath; if it’s the money, you can imagine that you have saved the money you used to spend on cigarettes and bought something nice after a year. We’ll pretend that your main motif is to demonstrate to yourself that you can do it, that you’re stronger than your bad habit, and the visualization that we choose is the one of you sitting in the bar with your friends – some of them are smoking, but you’re free of that habit, and can easily go without cigarettes.
  3. Set a schedule and find a quiet place for your visualization. – It’s important that you’re fully focused on your visualization, so find a place where no one will disturb you and schedule the time when you know you have no other things to do.

Steps to stopping smoking visualization:

  1. Relax. – Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in slowly, in and out, let go of all other thoughts as you slowly count to ten.
  2. Break visualization down into senses. – You’re in a bar with your friends. There are some other people around you, some girls that you like. Who is there with you, what does your table look like, is the ashtray full of cigarette butts? How is the light in the bar, can you see the other people clearly? Is someone dancing? What is the music like? Is it too loud to have a conversation? A girl that approaches you, what is she saying, what does her voice sound like? Touch the table, take your glass and feel it in your hand; if it’s too hot, unbutton your shirt a bit. The smell of that girl’s perfume is mixed with the strong smell of tobacco smoke, and it bothers you. Taste your drink – what are you having?
  3. Third person view. Now play all the scenes that confirm that you made the right choice: your friend is trying to tell a joke, but the cough interrupts his story; another friend has to leave to buy cigarettes; a girl you just met at the bar is saying how she could never kiss someone who smells like cigarettes, as she gently approaches you. You refuse to light a cigarette that someone is offering you.
  4. First person view. This is where you become fully aware that your willpower has conquered the addiction, and that there’s so many reasons to celebrate the decision to quit smoking: you’re free from cigarettes, you breathe deeply, you’re stronger, and you can get the girl that you like. It’s all there, be proud of yourself!
  5. Wrapping it up. You know that you won’t be getting back to that bad habit; you can let it fade away.

Repeating this exercise will help you boost your willpower and even rejoice the days ahead of you, when you will be a non-smoker. Just be persistent, and you will see 🙂

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