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The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom and Live an Extraordinary Life by John Assaraf (co-authored by Murray Smith, a business growth expert), is a guide for success in today’s business environment and, according to the authors, a “ground shattering ‘self help’ business book for the 21st century”.


In a brief foray into the world of quantum physics, the authors explain the basics of quantum physics: there are particles smaller than the atoms, smaller than protons, neutrons and electrons – packets of vibrating energy called quanta. Einstein described the behavior of quantum particles as spooky, because they appear in a particular position only when we look for them there, and may even exist in more than one place at the same time.

This leads to a conclusion that physical matter, at its most basic level, consists of fields of potentiality – or energy, and that’s how the authors explain that the mind, or specifically the power of thought, creates the physical world.

Then they explain the law of attraction, and how every thought we have elicits a response from the quantum universe, so even the events in your business are a reflection of your thoughts. That’s why the foundation of a successful business must be a powerful and precise idea, which acts as a seed that will only sprout if it’s clearly constructed in the mind:

People tend to be focused on looking for the ‘how’, but the real key to building your dream business lies in the clarity and strength of the idea — the seed. The ‘how’ always comes after the vision and decision.

Two more laws affect development of a business: The Law of Gestation, by which we need to temper our impatience for success and to accept and allow the business to gestate, and The Law of Action, by which we have to water and take care of our garden – to take actions that will ensure our “seed” has the environment and resources available to pull in what it needs.

Thus, we need to align the way we think — more precisely, our habits and beliefs — with the outcome we seek. The authors explain how it’s perfectly possible to re-shape the neural pathways in our brain and to change the way we think. The unconscious part of our brain can be retrained by first using our conscious mind to choose the thoughts on which we want to base our beliefs – which means that we need to have an un-shakeable vision of, and a belief in, our success.

The authors then explain how we should approach envisioning our dream business. We should start with the questions:

  • What does success look like to me? What does it mean?
  • What do I love to do that my business will become a vehicle for?
  • What feelings do I want to experience as a result of my dream business?
  • How do I want to feel at the end of every day in my business?

Along with these, we should also develop other more tangible ideas that give form to our business project, including setting goals that will deliver the answers to the questions above, becoming aware of our strengths and weaknesses, developing an extraordinary business concept.

Then we can begin verbally formulating the vision of our business in the form of affirmations, which should be in the present tense, vivid and emotional, one paragraph that describes what our business looks like when we have everything we want in place.

The process of “neural reconditioning” which should change the way we think includes:

  1. Creating a new vision
  2. Creating powerful affirmations
  3. Creating emotional anchors for neural linking
  4. Prepare our neural imprinting material (physical aids)
  5. Developing a neural reconditioning routine
  6. Using neurotechnology

The latter part of the book switches focus to more conventional issues of business development and growth, which include: knowing which are the critically important actions we must take, how do we generate revenue, and sales and marketing. The authors, offering the Paretto principle as a shortcut to successful sales and marketing (approximately 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers) recommend that we spend our time understanding the demographics of the “super-customers” so that we can properly target them.

There are many more keys to marketing success that the authors present in the book, but the main message is that this universe of potential won’t deliver our goals unless we actively support and pursue them with the power of our imagination and a passionate belief in our success.


Introduction: The Question

  • Inside the Box: John’s Story
  • The Search for How the World Works
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Universe Inside Your Brain
  • How to Change Your Mind
  • Your Dream Business
  • The Neural Reconditioning Process
  • Neural Reconditioning FAQs
  • The Important Things: Murray’s Story
  • Vision, Focus, Action
  • Your Ideal Customer
  • Innovating Your Business
  • Finding Your Business’s DNA
  • Reaching Your Ideal Customer
  • Big Thinking
  • Conclusion: The Path

Readers Reviews

Jack Canfield:

This book is a masterpiece! I couldn’t stop reading it. It is by far the best book I have ever read on how to use the law of attraction and the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to quantum leap the growth of any business. It is now required reading for all my staff and students.

Nathan Woodbury:

This was a surprisingly powerful book (…) The first half of the book, that is read by John Assaraf himself, is incredible.  I was familiar with this guy from watching “The Secret” several years ago. A friend recommended this book because he said it made some of the true concepts in that movie a lot more practical. Well, after I got a quarter of the way in, I had to call and thank him, because it was mind boggling. He explains why goal setting, visualization, and affirmations are so important, as well as the most effective ways to do them. I will most certainly listen to the first half of this book many times!


I highly recommend The Answer. I recommend it to business owners, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, spiritual seekers, and Law of Attraction junkies. Use it as the next step in rounding out your attraction strategy.

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