The Attractor Factor


The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating  Wealth (or Anything Else) from the Inside Out was published in 2005 and is one of Joe Vitale‘s best known books about the law of attraction. The uplifting stories presented in the book also include some of Vitale’s personal experiences as examples, which the readers all over the the world find helpful in better understanding how manifestation works, just like they appreciate the way that the author gets right to the heart of what we need to do in order to manifest the life we want.


Joe Vitale talks about a concept that is familiar to those who are interested in he law of attraction, but he offers a fresh look into it, and the examples that he presents (many of which include his own personal experience) are very much inspiring for anyone who isn’t “exactly there” yet.

As Dr. Robert Anthony says in his Foreword to the book, he “was stunned by the insight and clarity it reveals about the hidden and often ignored creative power within us”.

The author explains how your inner state of being attracts and creates the outer results; he insists that practicing the Attractor Factor means becoming a magnet for whatever you want: increase your business, find love, attract more money, improve your health – or anything else. He explains the law of attraction in very detailed steps that leave nothing to imagination.

Some people found the “preaching” in the book conflicted with their own personal views; however, the main focus of the book is positive thinking and self-improvement, and the author is confident that if the reader applies positive attitude to the five steps he lays out for him to follow, he will achieve success in whatever he chooses.

The author has given many exercises to help the readers achieve their goals, so if you want to get the most out of this book, don’t miss them.


In the Preface, the author says that he never wanted to publish this book, which he wrote for his sister, and he explains how he overcame the fear of how the public would perceive him after Bob Proctor presented him and the book to 250 people in Denver, during one of his seminars.

  • Chapter 1: Miracles Never Stop. Vitale mentions a few examples of how the law of attraction has worked for him, how he attracted his dream home, passive income, a BMW and many other things.
  • Chapter 2: The Proof. The second chapter presents the testimonials of the readers who posted their reviews on Amazon after reading the rough early edition of the book.
  • Chapter 3: What Are You Dismissing? The author talks about how we should never dismiss any opportunity to learn something new, to do something, or to try new things. We should be open to the new teachings as well as the help that is being offered to us. He mentions one of his friends as an example: he was “brilliant at dismissing every book, concept, guru, self-help method (…) He was unconsciously dismissing everything that came his way.” Vitale’s comment is that by dismissing what could work, we dismiss our own growth, we dismiss the possibilities.
  • Chapter 4: How to Attract Money. This chapter opens with a story of a woman who came to listen to a spiritual teacher in a hotel in Seattle; it was a business woman who didn’t have a business card, and there were 700 potential clients who also came to listen to that teacher. Vitale concluded: “The woman who didn’t have a business card had an inner insecurity about her business that showed up in her life by her not having business cards. Her “Attractor Factor” was attracting no business.” Then he introduces us to the “Attractor Factor” saying that he’s focusing on attracting wealth in business because “there appears to be a serious lack of spirituality in business”.
  • Chapter 5: It Can Be Another Way. Knowing that “it can be another way” is how the change begins. Vitale wants the reader to understand that no matter what is happening in his life right now, no matter what he thinks will happen, that direction can be altered. He then compares the Earth to one episode of Star Trek, “Shore Leave” – about a planet that reads people’s thoughts and creates what they think about. We also can create what we want with our thoughts, only it takes longer to experience results because we keep changing our minds.
  • Chapter 6: A Shortcut to Attracting Whatever You Want. The “shortcut” is simple: be happy right now. Since everything else you want in your life is the result of you wanting to be happy (when you have the money, love, health… you will be happy), you can cut the corners and simply choose to be happy right now.
  • Chapter 7: An Introduction to the Attractor Factor. The Attractor Factor is explained through a conversation with a friend: we are the sole creators of our reality, and everything in our life, good or bad, consciously or not.
  • Chapter 8: What’s Your Prosperity IQ? This chapter presents a quiz (15 yes/no questions) that should determine where your current Attractor Factor is at work.
  • Chapter 9: Step One: The Springboard. The news, radio and TV shows, the nature of our conversations – it all surrounds us with ideas of what we don’t want, so we’re activating the Attractor Factor in a negative way: focusing on the negative things makes us attract more negative things into our life. We should take it a step further: “Knowing what you don’t want is simply your current reality. And current reality can change.” We have to get out of our comfort zone, to rise in levels and enter a new playing field.
  • Chapter 10: Step Two: Dare Something Worthy. Step two involves choosing what you do want. The clearer you are about it, the easier it is to simply attract it to your life. This step is very detailed, and much of it is dedicated to the excuses, which are only the negative beliefs that will make us stuck if we buy into them. Vitale gives the exercise to help the readers express their goals and start manifesting.
  • Chapter 11: Step Three: The Missing Secret. “If any part of you, any belief in you, doesn’t support your intention, it will jeopardize or sabotage you. (…) We need to heal that part.” This chapter is about getting clear of old events, hurts, memories and beliefs, so that we have more energy for attracting what we want.
  • Chapter 12: Step Four: Nevillize Your Goal. Goddard Neville is one of Vitale’s favorite spiritual authors (thus the expression “nevillize”). He taught that you must feel whatever you want to attract. You might see it in your mind, but until you fully feel it as already complete, you will be missing a key step in the attraction process. You have to own your power, your energy, and one of the most powerful energies is gratitude. The exercise he suggests for the step four is called scripting: imagine that you already have what you want and write out a scene that describes it in detail.
  • Chapter 13: Step Five: The Ultimate Secret. Step five is to learn to let go. When you want something, but you can live without it, the odds of you having it are higher; on the other hand, when you say: “I MUST have this” you begin to push it away. Choose what you want, and let God or the Universe (whichever works for you) deliver it and make it happen.
  • Chapter 14: The Million Dollar Secret Formula. This chapter in a way summarizes the previous ones in the “formula” that contains the key principles to the law of attraction, or the Attractor Factor.
  • Chapter 15: The Shocking True Story of Jonathan. Jonathan Jacobs isn’t a real name, but that’s the name Vitale used to describe his healer friend; many people have asked him what happened to Jonathan, so here he explains why their paths have separated.
  • Chapter 16: The Experiment: Intentional Meditation Foundation. At the end of his book, Vitale invites the readers to join him: “I am looking for people all over the world to help lift the energy of the planet. With enough people practicing the Attractor Factor, and using the meditation I plan to teach below, we can reduce crime, lower violence, and raise the wealth and prosperity of everyone near us”.

Readers reviews

Ernest ODell:

The Attractor Factor gives you much more than just a simple formula for acheiving success in your life. Whatever you want out of life, whether it is love, wealth or fame, it requires an effort on your part and a paradigm shift in your thoughts and beliefs. Because so many people have negative beliefs (whether they realize it or not) they “attract” negative manifestations into their lives. By changing your thoughts and beliefs, your actions – and the resulting manifestations – will follow.

Vicky Oliver:

I have been learning about the magic of intention, and that if you want to earn a lot of money, you need to figure out your true motivation. I’ve been inspired by author Joe Vitale’s challenge to “dare something worthy,” and am in the process of applying that to my life right now.

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