The Magic


The Magic, the third in the series of Rhonda Byrne‘s best sellers that discuss the Law of attraction (the first one is the world famous The Secret, the second is The Power) was published in 2012. In it, the author continues to advocate the the use of the power of positive thinking to improve one’s life.


Rhonda Byrne likes to suggest that her ideas stem from ancient texts: for “The Secret”, it was a mysterious “hundred year old book”, and “The Magic” is based on the Gospel of Matthew:

“Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.”

While “The Secret” promotes the idea that the circumstances can be attracted and willed into being through positive thought and visualization; the main difference in “The Magic” is that it is based on the belief that gratitude is the key to attracting the positive things to you.

This book was written more like an instruction manual based on the author’s own experience, or on the experience of the others who have used her tools. It has 28 exercises, each meant to be practiced daily. The magic that she talks about is gratitude, and the words “thank you” are magical, so the exercises are basically the magical practices ranging from “Counting Your Blessings” – making a list of the things to be grateful each day, to using The Magic Rock Practice to say “thank you” for the best thing that happened that day.


Unlike with the other books presented on this website, the Chapters of “The Magic” aren’t followed by summaries – we felt that it would be a spoiler 🙂

  • Do you believe in magic?
  • A great mystery is revealed
  • Bring the magic into your life
  • A magical book
  • Day 1: Count your blessings
  • Day 2: The magic rock
  • Day 3: Magical relationships
  • Day 4: Magical health
  • Day 5: Magic money
  • Day 6: Works like magic
  • Day 7: The magical way out of the negativity
  • Day 8: The magic ingredient
  • Day 9: The money magnet
  • Day 10: Magic dust everyone
  • Day 11: A magic morning
  • Day 12: Magical people who made a difference
  • Day 13: Make all your wishes come true
  • Day 14: Have a magical day
  • Day 15: Magically heal your relationships
  • Day 16: Magic and miracles in health
  • Day 17: The magic check
  • Day 18: The magical to-do list
  • Day 19: Magic footsteps
  • Day 20: Heart magic
  • Day 21: Magnificent outcomes
  • Day 22: Before your very eyes
  • Day 23: The magical air that you breathe
  • Day 24: The magic wand
  • Day 25: Cue the magic
  • Day 26: Magically transform mistakes into blessings
  • Day 27: The magic mirror
  • Day 28: Remember the magic
  • Your magical future
  • The magic never ends

Readers reviews


I am currently reading this book. I am on day 9.
I think the first remarkable change in me – is that I am really grateful for a lot of things… Its a nice feeling. Take this book and go diligently with the recommendation..
It is a not a rapid read… 🙂

Serendipity reviews:

Over the 28 day period, on using this book religiously, I discovered that small amounts of money came to me at the strangest of times, my relationship with my children became less stressful and more enjoyable and I got upgraded in my seats for a London show. All I had to do was learn to be thankful in advance of the things that I really wanted and surprising things did change. 


Love the book it’s very motivating and empowering. I would recommend this for anyone who believes in the power of positive thoughts!

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