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The Power is the sequel to Rhonda Byrne‘s best seller The Secret. The Power was published in 2010 and was judged differently – from claims that it was the best self help book ever, to comments that it was just a re-packaged edition of her first smash hit – but it was also a best-seller.


Unlike the first hit, in The Power Rhonda Byrne does away with teachers and presents herself as the sole guide throughout the book, although there are short quotes from people like Jesus, Buddha, and Einstein. One of the people she quotes repeatedly is Neville Godard, whose teaching, in short, is that if you can feel what you want as if it were already fact, it would become reality.

The Power that she talks about is love. Her basic thesis in this book is a re-statement of the law of attraction – according to her, it’s

the Power to have everything you want

which is actually what the law of attraction can do for you, only in this book the accent is on love as a driving force to this universal law. When you love something or someone, you feel different, you become a positive force that attracts more of the same in your life to love. And if you can focus on love, if you can direct all of your thoughts to it, every aspect of your life will blossom.

“The Power” explains the law of attraction more practically than “The Secret”: it’s more of a handbook than theorizing. For example, in one passage, when she’s talking about attracting money, she suggest this ritual to the readers: they can imagine that the front of a dollar bill is “a positive side” which is related to having money, to wealth and prosperity, and that the back of the bill is “a negative side” related to the poverty and the lack of money, and says: “Each time you handle money, deliberately flip the bills so the front is facing you. Put bills in your wallet with the front facing you. When you hand over money, make sure the front is facing upward.”


  • The power of love – the opening chapter discusses the love as the most powerful force in the universe, that everything you are and you want to be comes from love. You receive back what you have given, so you should talk about the good news, about what you love, in order to receive these things back.
  • The power of feelings – without the feelings, it doesn’t matter what your thoughts and your words are saying. What’s creating your life is how you’re feeling right now. Life is responding to you, to what you give out – so whatever it is that you want to receive, you must give first.
  • Feeling frequencies – your frequency is determined by your feelings. You attract, like a magnet, other people, things and circumstances that are on the same frequency as you, good and bad. To change your frequency, you have to change how you feel, and that’s a good thing, because every single moment of your life is an opportunity to change it – and all you have to do is to change the way you’re feeling.
  • The power and creation – this chapter deals with how to create what we want in our lives. The process has three steps:
    1. Imagine – imagine what you want by focusing your mind on it
    2. Feel – feel love for what you’re imagining
    3. Receive – expect to receive what you’ve asked for, because the force of love will then find its way through the laws of nature to bring it to you.
  • Feeling is creation – the author says that every person is surrounded by a magnetic field, attracting everything through it. Your field is empowered by love, so the more love you have, you’ll have more power to attract the things you love.
  • Life follows you – Byrne here explains that life isn’t happening to you – it’s following you. The key to your life is in your own hands, since the universe responds to your feelings.
  • Keys to Power – the keys that she talks about are Love, Gratitude and Play. Love means that, in order to use love as the ultimate power in your life, you must love first, and a lot; you have to fall in love with life itself, to adore everything about it. Gratitude comes along with love: the more gratitude you feel, the more love you’ll give, which means that you’ll receive more love in return. Finally, play means that life is supposed to be fun.
  • The Power and money – love is the force that brings money to you. You should feel grateful no matter how big or small amount of money comes to you. According to her, all the money you need to live a full life will come to you when you fall in love with life.
  • The Power and relationships – when you give love to others, through kindness, support, or any other good feeling, it will come back to you multiplied and make every area of your life better. To do this, look for the things you like in a relationship, and pay less attention to the negative aspects of it.
  • The Power and health – the force of health you’re giving to your body cells increases when you feel love, for anything. Your positive beliefs and strong feelings are the food for your body, and, since gratitude is a powerful multiplier force, you should say thank you for your health every day.

Readers reviews


There’s nothing really new per se in The Power that wasn’t already explained in The Secret. But sometimes it helps to have things reiterated a time or ten or to have them explained in a different way. There are also a lot of good techniques provided to make things start to work in your favor. I can understand why some might be disappointed, frustrated with the repetition or expecting something all new, but the truth is that people rarely get it the first time they are exposed to something.

Maria Sibbel:

I loved it! I thought it was even better than “the secret”, but I love both. I have read “the Secret” several times and will do the same with “the Power”. It’s easy to flip through for quick inspiration and the book radiates love, which is what the power is about.

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