The Sedona Method


Hale Dwoskin’The Sedona Method, Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being, published in 2003, explains the Sedona Method, a program for teaching people how to let go of any emotion or belief, developed by Lester Levenson.


According to the author, we are all unlimited – that is, we are limited only by the concepts of limitation that we hold in our minds, which manifest for most of us consciously as our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The feelings that are distracting us from the underlying purity or unity, also distract us from the harmony, abundance and joy and all of the good things that are available to us in living.

The Sedona Method teaches that releasing the emotions is natural, and if you pay attention, you will notice that most feelings come and go quite easily if you do not repress them or attach to them in some way. The only reason why a negative feeling, such as guilt, sadness, anger, apathy etc. sticks around is because we don’t allow it to be felt and then flow out.

You let go of feelings initially in the program by asking yourself 3 simple questions:

  1. Could you let this feeling go?
  2. Would you let this feeling go?
  3. When?

The author explains that releasing is a natural process, and the feelings want to be felt and then flow out of our awareness, so the power of these simple questions is that they invite you to let this natural process happen.

In fact, the author explains that releasing isn’t something that you do, it’s more something that you allow to be done – allowing the emotions to leave.

The book then explains the wants that underlie all emotions:

  1. Wanting control
  2. Wanting approval
  3. Wanting security or safety
  4. Wanting separation and oneness

The book offers many techniques for releasing. One of them, probably the simplest one to use, is welcoming or allowing a feeling – you make a conscious decision to feel, a conscious choice to allow what you are feeling to be exactly what it is.

Hale Dwoskin teaches that the more you let go, the more the positive experience you have. Letting go of all feelings, even the good ones, makes the sense of scarcity disappear, and you discover that the only thing that is finite is your sense of limitation and your unwanted emotions, but your good feelings are infinite.

We shouldn’t resist the things we think are unpleasant, because when we do, we resist everything: we could have, be, or do whatever we desire simply by letting go.



Foreword by Jack Canfield

Introduction: What Is the Sedona Method?


  • Beyond the Suppression-Expression Cycle
  • Your Formula for Success
  • Your Roadmap for Emotional Freedom
  • Dissolving Your Resistance
  • Your Key to Serenity
  • Taking Your Releasing to a Deeper Level
  • Letting Go of the Four Basic Wants
  • Setting and Attaining Your Goals
  • Beyond Attachments and Aversions
  • Power Decision-making
  • The Cleanup Procedure
  • Putting It All Together


  • The Secret of Letting Go of Fear and Anxiety
  • Escaping the Tyranny of Guilt and Shame
  • Breaking those Nasty Habits
  • Your Wealth Builder
  • Relationship Magic
  • Developing Radiant Health
  • Organizational Freedom and Effectiveness
  • Supporting Our World

Holistic Releasing

The 5th Way of Releasing

The Next Steps

Guidelines for the Sedona Method Support Groups

Readers Reviews


This is definitely one of those self-help books that I keep referring back to. I had a lot of Ah-ha moments reading it. What I love about it is the simplicity of the technique, and the experiential nature of the releasing processes that you do throughout the book as you are reading it. It is a very clearly written and easy to read book. It is more experiential rather than get bogged down with theory. It is also a fun read.

S. Hall:

This is one of the first books of its kind to actually work consistently over months of use. I have engaged many other techniques and they are largely difficult to make work. This worked from the first time I asked the questions. There are simple answers in life and one of them is that you were built with the ability to release your own baggage. If that sounds far-fetched to you, just try to use the method and see what happens. It is such a relief to be able to feel again!


This is a great book about how to deal constructively with emotions. It teaches that we often feel we are the emotions or that we just have emotions and we “just have to work through them.” Then in an astounding twist we are brought to the realization that emotions are easily and quickly left go of an exchanged for others we would rather have.

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