Nov 192013

Are you wasting your manifesting energy?

Seriously. Are you visualizing, affirming, focusing, being positive and ecstatic without really planing to act upon it when your manifestation comes to you? If you’re saying: “No, good heavens no, I’ll jump on it as soon as it comes!” – are you completely sure?

Let’s Check

This will only take a moment. Let’s imagine a few situations:

Situation One: Manifesting a Successful Career

A man wants to move up the corporate ladder and to become a senior executive (or something); he believes that he possesses the required skills, he’s smart and ambitious, everything works in his favor. One day, while he waits for his time to come, he meets a vice president of the company he works for on a cocktail party – it turns out that he’s the fiancee of our guy’s cousin.

The two of them start chatting and the vice president gives our guy his business card, telling him to call his office to schedule a meeting to discuss his future in the company. Our guy is ecstatic at first, but as the time passes he starts doubting that the other guy meant what he said. Eventually he forgets all about it.

A few months later they meet again. The vice president, surprised that our guy hasn’t called, informs him that they had a position in the company that our guy would be perfect for, but he thought that he just wasn’t interested and they found someone else.

Situation Two: Manifesting The One

A girl visualizes Mr. Dreamy every evening, she makes room for him in her life, she’s joyful when she thinks of him, she knows he’s on his way.

Then a friend calls her and says that she won two weeks in the Bahamas asking her to come along, but they should go the next day. The girl says “no, thanks, I’was planning to redecorate my apartment this week, too busy.” That is true what she says, she has been planning this for a few months. So she doesn’t go.

Her Mr. Dreamy came to the Bahamas two days later, didn’t meet her, went back home and married someone else. She is still waiting for her manifestation to come.

Could This Be You?

These are typical “what if” situations and they don’t have to reflect the way you’d handle them, but ask yourself if you’d be willing to jump on every opportunity the universe throws your way?

True, there was no reason for the girl in our story to even think that Mr. Dreamy would be in the Bahamas; true, the guy from above has been let down before.

But it’s also true that none of them had nothing to lose if they had tried. These weren’t some everyday opportunities for neither of them, and still they didn’t see that it was how their manifestations were to come to them. Too scared, too lazy, too unable to trust anyone or anything, they both let the opportunities pass.

Now, you could say: “Well, the girl had other plans”. True again. But it wasn’t something that her life depended on, she could have changed them. When you really are a match to what you want, the universe will bring it to you in such a way that everything comes in place – if she had chosen to go to the Bahamas then she wouldn’t be redecorating her apartment alone, or she’d move in with The One and her apartment wouldn’t need redecorating after all.

The guy above, he was just too scared. It was a jump to the unknown that he wasn’t willing to take.

We often get paralyzed by the mere possibility of our dreams coming true that we have no trouble making ourselves believe that it won’t happen, that it’s not worth it or that there’s a price to pay.

Investigate your beliefs. Don’t dismiss anything, jump on every opportunity that feels good, even if it’s just for fun – that’s how you’re supposed to see it!

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