Using Subliminal Messages for Manifestation


We have explained previously what the subliminal messages are, and how they work: in short, they are the pieces of information that bypass our conscious mind and go straight into our unconscious. This is important to understand, because our mind is like an iceberg – only 10% of it is the part that we consciously use, and the rest of the processes that go on in there are hidden beyond our direct reach.

We can freely say that our unconscious is what actually defines us.

When you know that, you’re closer to understanding how subliminal messages can help in manifesting. To use the Law of attraction, you have to align all of your mental and emotional forces, all of what you are should be saying the same thing: “I do want/have this.” “I am capable of attracting it.” ALL of what you are. And if 90% of your brain is out of your direct control, and these 90% are saying that you don’t actually want that, that you aren’t actually capable of attracting it – well, it won’t work.

Simply, you’re sending a mixed message to the universe. Like when you’re in a restaurant: I’d like some beef – but oh, I won’t be able to sleep after eating beef – but that’s what I want to eat – but it will make you feel sick, better take some salad – but… And if the waiter is listening to all of that, he’ll eventually give up and move on to the next customer who is clear about what he wants to eat.

Remember when we talked about the core principles of the Law of attraction, and when we explained the four key principles – Knowledge, Focus, Action and Belief? These principles you have to master if you want to be successful in manifesting. The principle of Knowledge doesn’t require extra help – you have to learn as much as you can about how the LoA works in order to know how to use it. But many people need help from the outside in mastering the other three – so let’s now see how subliminal messages – above all subliminal audio recordings – can provide help with that.

The Principle of Focus

The principle of Focus requires you to be 100% focused on the things you want to attract, that your attention is fully directed towards your goal. It needs us to clearly define our goal, and to have it present in our thoughts all the time.  Many times however, we get distracted – something else happens and we change our focus, or we just simply can’t bring our mind to concentrate on our goal.

Subliminally inserting positive thoughts related to the achievement of your goal is the help you can provide to yourself to keep you on the right track. For instance, if you want to attract money into your life by using the power of the Law of attraction, you should be focused on that desire and think about it as often as you can – and your focus should be a positive one. Saying positive affirmations like:

I’m attracting money into my life.

My income is growing higher and higher.

will certainly help, but having these positive statements imprinted in your unconscious, will make you even more focused on the fact that your goal is to attract money, which will in turn strengthen your belief that the money is coming your way, and it will make you pay attention to every opportunity to get the money meant for you. In this example, a subliminal audio that contains the positive affirmations related to attracting money will reinforce your conscious focus on that specific goal.

The Principle of Belief

Have you ever been in a situation when you want something, but deep down you feel that you can’t have it, for whatsoever reason? This kind of situations are quite common: you just feel that the object of your desire is out of your reach, and no matter how hard you try to direct your thoughts toward it, no matter how successfully you awake the emotion of joy in one moment – in the next one, your conscious mind will jump in and say: no-no, that’s just not possible, that’s never gonna happen.

The Law of attraction says that it is  possible, whatever it is; but it’s possible only when you believe it. Your beliefs dictate your thoughts and your emotions, they’re the core from which you manifest. Unfortunately, our beliefs are the hardest thing to change, because they’re stored for too long and too deeply in our subconscious mind, in those 90% that we can’t just access when we wish, and it takes hard work and persistence to change them.

That’s where subliminal audios help tremendously: the positive messages that gradually re-write our stubborn beliefs and align our unconscious mind with our conscious desire of what we want to attract. Even if you’re having trouble with accepting the concept of the Law of attraction itself – if you just can’t bring yourself to fully believe that the Law works, there are also the Law of attraction subliminal recordings that will imprint the affirmations like these:

I have the power to attract whatever I wish into my life.

My mind can bring my desires into existence.

and similar, directly into your subconscious – from where they will change your core beliefs, allowing you to achieve your highest manifesting potential.

The Principle of Action

Finally, the principle of Action needs you to be action-oriented. The Law of attraction often works by bringing opportunities to you when you believe in it and when you’re focused on your goal; but the lack of action on your part makes you miss the opportunities that you’ve successfully attracted: if the Law has arranged everything for you to get your ex girlfriend back, but you don’t pick up the phone when she calls – it won’t happen.

Subliminal audios – they really sound miraculous, don’t they? – make you more of an action taker as well: by making you more focused on your goal, and by strengthening your belief in the Law and in your own capacities to attract what you want, they make you more aware of the opportunities, and “push” you to take what you’ve attracted.

When combined, these three factors – focus, believe and act – will ultimately bring you what you want. However, as we already said, since most of what you need to master them is stored deep inside the subconscious parts of your brain, you may need some external help to control them and to direct them where you want. Subliminal audio recordings, as you saw, can be a very effective tool – especially for something which you can just play in the background as you go about your day and let the messages sink in passively.

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