What Are Subliminal Messages


Subliminal messages are often misunderstood, yet in the right hands, and when used in the right way they can be an amazing personal development tool.

What Is It?

Subliminal messages are pieces of information that our mind receives without consciously knowing it, so we can’t block them out.

When we learn new things, we do that by repeating the process until it gets imprinted in our unconscious, so that we can use that knowledge when we need it.

In this process however, our conscious mind chooses which information it will keep – if it finds them to be useful or true, it will store them in the unconscious; if it doesn’t, it won’t let them stay. That’s why it’s so difficult to change our self beliefs: these concepts are stored within us for a long time, and our conscious mind believes them to be true. Take confidence, for example: if you’ve been living for the past twenty years believing that you can’t do something, that you’re generally incapable, saying all of a sudden: “I AM capable, I CAN” won’t make much difference, because your conscious self “knows” it’s not true – your lack of confidence in your capabilities is something that has been imprinted in your brain for too long.

Subliminal messages fix that problem by bypassing the conscious: the messages are being sent directly to the unconscious, and the “judging” part of our brain doesn’t even know about it. In the previous example, if we subconsciously receive positive messages like “I can do anything I put my mind to”, and when our mind is exposed to it sufficient number of times, the imprint changes, allowing you to making the shift in your beliefs from the inside.

This is one example of the positive use of subliminal messages. We are exposed to them daily anyway – in the 21st century, we’re exposed to massive amounts of information, and our conscious mind can’t process them all, so many of them just “skip” it and go directly to the unconscious. However, we aren’t exposed to the same type of information, so they can’t make a lasting impact to our self.

Deliberate use of subliminal messages, on the other hand, allows us to target the specific areas of our life – from motivation, self confidence, treatment of phobias and panic attacks, it even can make improvements to our physical body. And of course – since this website is devoted to the Law of attraction, the subliminal messages can be very successfully used to enhance your manifesting capacities.

Types of Subliminal Messages

There are two main forms in which the subliminal messages can be sent to the unconscious: visual and auditory. Visual subliminal messages can be hidden in images or in video recordings, including movies, and auditory messages can be placed in any audio recording.


Subliminal messages often appear in adverts, in forms of subtle hints or hidden text. A large percentage of subliminal messages are of sexual nature, since sexual desire is one of the strongest human desires. In the image below, for example (one of the most famous uses of subliminal messages in images), you can probably find the word “sex” at the bottom of the image (s’eXplosion) – the purpose of this message is that a customer who sees the image associate Skittles with his primal desire and, of course, that he can’t resist the urge to eat the candy:


In video, subliminal messages are used by inserting a single frame that lasts for a fragment of a second – you won’t even know that your subconscious mind noticed it. In the video below, it is shown frame by frame how it’s done:


Subliminal messages in audio recordings are often hidden in music, sometimes masked behind other sounds, sometimes at a higher or lower frequency so that you can barely hear it. When the frequency of the audio message is moved just out of the range of human hearing, you can’t hear it at all – it’s the so called “pure subliminal”, and it’s the best way to use subliminal messages as a self-help tool.

As we explained before, your conscious mind will fight any change you want to suddenly make to your habits, self beliefs, behavior – these patterns are very difficult to change. So even if you barely hear the message – you are still consciously hearing it, and if your “controller” isn’t in agreement with it, it will block it out.

Subliminal audio recording are our favorite way of re-writing the negative patterns of our mind when we need extra help in manifesting – of all types of subliminal messages, audios are the most practical form of handling our unconscious self: you can listen to them anywhere and any time, on your workplace, in the gym, even while you sleep – wherever you take your mp3 player. The Law of attraction subliminals are just positive affirmations that rewire our stubborn negative beliefs in an easy way – we can’t hear them, but we know they work.

Anyway – you are exposed to the subliminal messages on every step, every day. Why wouldn’t you choose to “advertise” what you want to your mind? The effects that deliberate “re-programming” can have on your motivation, self esteem, success, can be huge – hell, if you want to use them for a straightforward process like to stop smoking, it will make it easier! (can you tell that we’re huge fans of subliminal recordings?)

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