Mar 022014

Ask, believe, receive. The process is pretty simple.

Yet what do you do when the third part – receive – doesn’t happen? When what you’ve asked for doesn’t seem to come? After a week, a month, a year  – you’re still at the same place.

Do you start to fear that the Law of Attraction has chosen not to work for you? Or not to work this time? Or not to work at all?

Weeeeell… It works. And if you’re not manifesting what you want, it’s not the Universe’s fault. You did something wrong, and it’s usually this:

We Can’t Shake Off This Bad Habit to Pay Attention to “What-Is”

How many times have you tried to manifest a romantic partner or a great job or good health?

And how many times have you managed to do so without feeling the lack of what you wished for? Without adding the but part?

“…but I just can’t meet someone normal”

“…but all of my previous jobs have been nightmares”

“…but I seriously doubt it”

Under these conditions, when you give equal (at best) attention to the lack of what you want – manifestation won’t happen. Your vibration is too much of a mixed bag.

As long as you keep noticing that what you want isn’t there yet – it won’t be.

Yeah, it’s pretty confusing – we’re a complicated kind. But there are a few good and easy solutions for this:

1. Detach from the outcome

This is probably the most difficult thing for most of us to do – but it really works.

If you have trouble with detaching yourself from the outcome, then try this cute and effective technique – it’s called  pink bubble.

Visualize your goal as you normally do, and then put your imagery in a pink bubble and – let go of the bubble, visualize it floating off into the universe, containing your vision.

This gives you the sense of completion, and some people can feel the joy and gratitude more easily when they let go and trust that the Universe will take care of their vision. Try it, it’s fun and it works!

Okay, your bubble doesn’t have to be pink 🙂

2. Delegate your intention and your best vibration to a crystal

We have already written about this: crystals, especially quartz crystals, have the ability to store and enhance your vibration, and to manifest instead of you. Even while you’re sleeping.

Programming a crystal is a simple process:

1. Clean it – You have to remove the previous vibes that crystal picked up along the way – just use running water.

2. Charge it – In the Step 1 you have cleaned it, now it needs to be recharged – the Sun will do it just fine, leave it outside on a sunny day and you’re done.

3. Program it – Now get into your best manifesting vibe and put out your intention while holding the crystal in your hands.

And that’s it! You have your own manifesting delegate to do the job for you!

3. Visualize how your “good” thoughts overweight the “bad” ones

This is a great idea shared on a forum:

I enjoy using my handy-dandy clicker-counter purposely throughout the day to interject thoughts of my goals and desires into my cranium (and vibration). Each time I deliberately think a thought about what I want — or ANY good-feeling thought for that matter –I add weight to the side of an imaginary scales that, when adequately heavy, will significantly outweigh the other side (of lack) and tip in my favor. Then my desire comes to fruition.

Okay, why would this work? Simply because she’s visualizing how powerful her good vibes are, and she believes in it 100%.

You don’t have t visualize the same thing if you think it wouldn’t work for you – find your own way of “persuading” yourself that you’re sending out a correct vibe, or that it’s much stronger than the bad one if you’re worried that you focusing on the lack will mess up your manifesting. (Yes, we can undo our manifesting even if we think we will mess up).

Give it a try! You probably have one or more intentions that haven’t manifested yet – choose one of the techniques above and give it a go.

Which one do you like the most? Do you have your own tip to share?

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