You Were Born Rich


It is said that You Were Born Rich (1997) by Bob Proctor is “one of the most comprehensive personal development books available”. This was certainly how the President of VitaTonics, Sam Kalenuik, felt about it when he purchased 30,000 copies for his employees; he later said: “I am convinced that the enormous success we experienced had a great deal to do with the common-sense approach to thinking and balance that he teaches.”

This is certainly a book that has changed lives, as it teaches you hands-on how to apply the principles of manifesting to the creation of wealth.


“You Were Born Rich” is essentially a road map designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be, in the financial sense. Only, reading and memorizing the book will do nothing to help you achieve you goals, and the author is very clear about that: this journey can take you to your financial destination only if you apply the principles.

This book of about 200 pages discusses how to set goals, develop a winning attitude, and how to develop a personality that is conducive to getting what you want, applying the principles of the law of attraction.

In one part, Proctor explains the “prosperity consciousness”: if you want to be rich, you have to “feel” rich. But before that, you have to identify how you really feel about money: the words you use, how your parents taught you – it all determines your beliefs about the money. Then look at the results your beliefs have brought you so far. You have to change your thoughts about money if you want to change your life.

An interesting point is that money needs to circulate, so if you want to get more, you have to give more, making room in your life for the abundance that’s coming. You need to give of yourself and your money, and it will come back to you. Proctor also gives some specific wealth recommendations, like to set up a savings account, get a life insurance, set up orderly debt repayment.


This book can be downloaded for free from Bob Proctor’s official website, and he has coaching programs based on this book, so we aren’t presenting chapters summaries in much detail, as we did with the other books presented on our website. Instead, we’re only presenting the chapters’ titles with a sentence or two that outline the basic premises:

  • Chapter 1: Me and Money. In this chapter, the author teaches us what money really is – it’s not the master we usually feel it is, but the servant. We often think in terms of loving money and using people, but we should do the opposite: love the people, and use the money.
  • Chapter 2: How Much Is Enough. Take a careful look at yourself and your current situation. If you’re not happy with it, that’s the results of the negative beliefs you have about the money, which prevent you from developing the “prosperity consciousness”.
  • Chapter 3: The Image Maker. Proctor explains how our mind and our lives are governed by images, and how we should become aware of the images that our mind makes and uses, and create different ones in order to attract what we think of.
  • Chapter 4: Let Go And Let God. You don’t have to do everything by yourself; asking for help, whether you’re asking God or man (or woman), doesn’t mean that you’re week – it’s actually a sign of great strength.
  • Chapter 5: Expect an Abundance. When you believe that the abundance is coming to you, it is; you shouldn’t have a shread of doubt in your mind about that.
  • Chapter 6: The Law of Vibration and Attraction. This chapter is dedicated to how the law of attraction works: it explains the importance of focus, and why people attract the things they don’t want in their lives and why others get what they do want.
  • Chapter 7: The Risk-Takers. Playing it safe will only get you so far; you have to take smart, calculated risks in your life, if you want to get where you want to be.
  • Chapter 8: The Razor’s Edge. The author says that 97% of the people are scared to go to the edge. Insecurity, self-doubt, and other negative emotions stand in their way, and they attract only the people who think the same, thus preventing each other to achieve their goals.
  • Chapter 9: Don’t Think in Reverse. The chapter near the end of the book reminds the reader that he’s come so far, and that now is the time to take control over his life.
  • Chapter 10: The Vacuum Law of Prosperity. When you see your hard work paying off, you shouldn’t be afraid when you finally see the fruits of your labor.

Readers reviews

Justin Popovic:

So many times in the past I had heard messages about positive thinking, having a good attitude, goal setting and so on. “You Were Born Rich” explains why these ideas are so important and it communicates the message in such a way that it changed my beliefs on the spot.

Above all things, this book helped me understand myself and how I was literally shaping all aspects of my life. Not only that but I was 100% capable of achieving anything in life that I was truly committed to achieving. The book is such an effective tool for personal development because it illustrates exactly how the mind works and how we as humans can use the power of our thoughts to create our results.


I don’t always relate to his stories or the way he writes, but I cannot argue with the content. A great one.


Bob Proctor simplifies what I already believed and knew since I was a young girl back in High Point housing projects. The clarity and simple words assist in processing the information and sealing this age old Truth in your mind. As a speaker and workshop presenter I quote from and suggest this book and other books Bob has written. My workshop participants say their lives have been changed by Bob sealing the deal of their Abundant Riches. Great information to make into application. Download this magnificent book into the memory of your mind, you’ll be glad you did!

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