Jun 012014

It hasn’t been great so far? Lucky for you, you can choose to feel awesome right this minute and to make the rest of your day at least pleasant (if not fantastic!). The choice is yours, and here are a few things you can – well, should – do to make it so:


If you decide to do only one thing on this list, then make it this one – take a deep breathe, relax and loosen your grip. One minute of your life can go without you controlling what’s happening, so now relax and let go of micromanaging your tasks, of being worried and of planning.

Actually, take ten minutes to do absolutely nothing and not to worry about it.

Decide what you’ll focus on

There really is no point in dwelling on the past – it’s gone and you can’t change it, so why don’t you focus your energy on the things you can control and that will move you forward?

A big amount of daily tasks makes us forget to prioritize our big dream, so this would be a good time to remember what it is. What goals do you want to achieve in life (or in near future)? Now analyze your tasks and see which of them are serving this purpose and which are distracting you from your dream. Then do some prioritizing 🙂

Make someone smile

Make the world a happier place and make someone smile – just because you can. This is an extremely rewarding experience – you will probably end up smiling as well!

Do something you’ve been putting off

You have at least a few lingering tasks on your to-do list, we all do – something that’s been nagging at you from the back of your mind for a while: a small house repair, an email that you just couldn’t made yourself respond to, some cleaning perhaps?

Choose one and do it today! You know you’ll have to eventually, and the longer you’re putting it off the harder it will be. It’s not that hard and you know it – and you’ll instantly feel better when you cross it off!

Spend some time with a friend

But not just any friend! Which one of your friends really improves you, makes you question yourself in a constructive way, which one inspires you to be better, to do more and to set and achieve greater goals? That’s who you should spend your time with today!

Feel the present moment!

Be here, right now! Feel everything around you and inside you, pay attention to what is going on – stop thinking about what has been and what you have to do, hurrying through to next thing. Your life is happening right now so practice being here, in this moment, unless you want to completely miss your life dwelling on the past or waiting for the future.

Open your eyes to right now and experience it to the fullest – sounds, colors, touch, smiles… Just feel it, all of it!

Think about how great life is

We get so caught up in worrying, planning, doing one thing after another that we forget to see the beauty of what we already have. And we have a lot of wonderful things in our lives – so now is the moment to become aware of them and to be grateful for them! They are far greater than the burdens you are dealing with – this will help you to put things into perspective 🙂

What else would you like to this list? How can you make your day better?


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